Hour Vision and Big City music

 By: wover : June 13th, 2021-07:34
Ever since their first releases, Interpol have made great use of Black & Red. Every time an album of their's hit the old Technics SL-1411 from 1979, I can't help but think Hour Vision. The red, the black, the track. Do you have a watch/music connection as far fetched as mine?

I loved their first album!

 By: amanico : June 13th, 2021-08:11

I still do...

 By: wover : June 13th, 2021-08:22

I get it. That's quite remarkable - the aesthetic similarity . . .

 By: Dr No : June 13th, 2021-13:18
. . . is uncanny. 

I've never made a correlation with LPs before, but have between a particular Grand Seiko . . .

[photo and watch credit: VinnieD]

. . . and a pair of custom-made green chukka boots.

[my green chukkas on the right]

I'd acquire a GS SBGW 255 just to match that pair of boots!

An artsy combination that would be the envy of all. If only noticed:D!

 By: wover : June 13th, 2021-13:56