GP Vintage 1945

 By: ag1413 : July 17th, 2022-04:51
Some of you might enjoy. 

Thats a lovely example

 By: Arronax : July 17th, 2022-05:02
I came very close to buying some of these models before, pure class and quite rare, amazing value for money in my opinion especially in precious metals.

Of course we do enjoy them. Welcome here and congrats on owning such a superb watch.

 By: amanico : July 17th, 2022-05:24

 By: ag1413 : July 17th, 2022-05:27
I tried to find an exact match, but it would seem they all have their small variations.

Lovely example of Art Deco timepiece. Thx for sharing.

 By: Ping.Timeout : July 17th, 2022-06:33

A beautiful ancestor of my GP

 By: brauner : July 17th, 2022-07:21

Yes of course, charming timepiece. Enjoy, consider yourself blessed to own it. 😊👌

 By: geross : July 17th, 2022-10:07

A little gem — it looks great!

 By: orahu : July 17th, 2022-10:21

Thanks for posting this one

 By: VinnieD : July 17th, 2022-12:47
Actually, I had never seen one before and thought the "vintage 1945" line from GP was a design they had invented recently
Yours is most likely very rare indeed