Another WFH day & another GP

 By: nomadgiles : March 19th, 2020-16:33

Very nice watch. Wonderful picture. ๐Ÿ‘

 By: geross : March 19th, 2020-22:36
Cushion shape watch. A real charmer. How big and thick. Tfs my friend. Giles. What's the model.?

Geross. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Hi Geross - not sure of the model ref, but....

 By: nomadgiles : March 20th, 2020-02:16
... it runs a cal GP440-282 (based on AS1920) at 360000 and was the last of the GP high beats circa mid 70โ€™s - as the little observatory picture provides testiment to the chronometer HFโ€™s that went before. Case is approx 38mm sq, height 14mm and dial 34mm. 

Glad you like it! Stay well. Giles

Another cool one, my dear Giles. [nt]

 By: amanico : March 19th, 2020-23:25
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Merci mon ami!

 By: nomadgiles : March 20th, 2020-02:17
Hope all is well in Paris. Best, Giles

Damn gorgeous nomad [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : March 20th, 2020-02:54
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Thanks GM! Hereโ€™s a few more pics from less constrained nomadic times.

 By: nomadgiles : March 20th, 2020-04:01
Scotland (my work base back garden):




Pembrokeshire (Wales):

Stay well! Best, Giles 

Very artsy yet masculine [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : March 20th, 2020-05:42
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simply lovely piece.... [nt]

 By: nacelle : March 20th, 2020-07:50
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Thanks Nacelle! ๐Ÿ™‚ [nt]

 By: nomadgiles : March 20th, 2020-16:03
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What a beautiful watch [nt]

 By: Horology75 : March 20th, 2020-09:01
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Thanks H75! [nt]

 By: nomadgiles : March 20th, 2020-16:04
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