By: Halcro : April 16th, 2022-04:52
I started a new Thread (see above)....and thought I was pressing the 'Insert' button for the inclusion of the photo?
Instead.....the post with only one photo and no writing became my new Thread.
After much trying, I found the Edit button where I then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours composing my thread with multiple photos and comments only to find when I got to the end and pressed 'Save'....I received the message that I didn't have the authority to edit my own Post and I've now lost it all.

This happens to me every year when I obtain a new watch because I forget the problems during the intervening 12 months.

Are you able to retrieve my full Thread?

Henry Feiner

There are 5 more pics at your post

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : April 16th, 2022-17:00
but only thumbnails. I don't know what is wrong but I can only get them as thumbnails so I cant post them for you in full size.
Did you wait until you see all pics at the upload page before you hit insert?

Sorry to hear this. Fortunately, I could retrieve your other pictures (by entering your thread in picture mode), which I have included in your post. However, I regret that your text appears to be lost on our end.

 By: FabR : April 16th, 2022-17:43
In general, I believe you have up to 30 minutes to edit a thread after original submission. Should a similar situation arise again in the future, please feel free to contact a moderator who can assist to include your text beyond the 30-minute limit👍
Hope this (at least partially) helps. Cheers,

FabR (moderator)

I did it all again...

 By: Halcro : April 17th, 2022-02:01
Thanks guys for trying to help.
I did it all again and pressed 'Insert' but it's disappeared again!!!
All lost again!!!
Is it ME or Grand Seiko???

Hello Halcro, then I'm afraid this is an issue with your browser rather than with Grand Seiko, since nothing ever arrived on our end... My best suggestion at this point is the following:

 By: FabR : April 17th, 2022-03:18
Please type your work on a separate file that can be saved on your computer (I can see you last connected via a landline, hence you might be working out of a laptop/PC). A simple Word file will be enough, or even writing a draft email with the account you use to sign up will do, since drafts automatically get saved by Gmail. When you are done, then open a new thread in the Seiko forum, and copy and paste your work there *without* deleting it from your computer (or Gmail draft).

In the event it still doesn't appear on our forum, then please address an email with your text directly to me (FabR AT watchprosite DOT com), and I will publish it for you.

This will hopefully solve it, but feel free let us now if you need more assistance! Happy Easter! smile

FabR (moderator)

Sent Email

 By: Henry Feiner : April 17th, 2022-15:09
Hi FabR,
I sent the full Email which I hope didn't land in your Spam folder...?
Hope you're able to save something?