Day 1 (Afternoon Part 2 of 3) to L.U.CEUM

Nov 24, 2009,08:14 AM

Previous coverage of L.U.CEUM

L.U.CEUM is name given with some thoughts.  Instead of just calling it a L.U.C Museum, L.U.CEUM is coined to reflect the connection of the founder, Louis Ulysse Chopard, the Manufactory and the museum.
It  houses over 50 masterpieces of previous master-watchmakers collected by Mr Karl-Friedrich Scheufele.

Upon entering the L.U.CEUM ...

An Oil Lamp Clock from 19th Century.

Ms Ann Walther, the Curator of L.U.CEUM

Pierre Debombourg Universal Sundial circa 1700

Ms Ann Walther guiding us along and explain each timepiece...

An unidentified clock, only marked with an initial 'B'. Initial guess, should before year 1550.
The interesting feature, it contained a brass fusee and chain.

A huge coach watch (or a large pocket watch) of diameter 123mm by Johann Sebastian Heckel, circa 1750.
The dial is of enamel, hands gold-plated brass.  The inner most dial is for alarm setting!

By pulling the cord, it will set the quarter-hour repetition. 

Another coach watch, smaller diameter of 103mm by Ignatzi Magele, Augsburg, circa 1750 too.

Alarm time could be set too by inserting onto the square bolt between the "3" & "4".

Sun, Moon & Stars in Pocket Watch by Jacob Auch, Vaihingen, circa 1798
Case diameter of 70mm and 34.5mm thick.

Above is the front side with an enamel dial.
Hour-hand in the centre.  Half-side represent daytime in red numerals and the other night time.

Subdial at top-upper quadrant is for minute, right quadrant for second, the bottom quadrant for date and the last
one is obviously for month.

The reverse side, dial is blue enamel with 12 zodiac signs and the ecliptic.

A minimalist Breguet "Souscription" watch.

One ultimate pocketwatch which impressed even master watchmakers like Ferdinand Bethoud and Jean-Baptiste Le Roy.
The timepiece was by Pierre-Laurent Gautrin & Fils, Paris, 1798 and it consisted only ONE wheel.

Current Lunar One

A pair of the 58mm Bovet watches with enamel-painted two doves on a bed of roses, Circa 1845 for the China market.
Very beautiful!
Decorated with pearls around the perimeter of the 18K gold case.

Dials are of enamel and the movement is jumping second!

The reverse side with movement exposed.

Why were sold in a pair?
Speculated could be due to Chinese belief in Yin-Yang, harmony and balance.  Could even for as backup.

Another set with two doves on a green background.

By Charles-Ulysse Chopard (not related to Louis Ulysse Chopard) circa 1900, case made of Tula silver

The reverse side.

Harmonia Macrocosmica, constellation maps by Andreas Cellarius...

A sculpture should by renowned Belgian artist, Jean-Michel Folon (1934-2005)

A  first reliable chronometer by Pierre-Louis Berthoud, nephew or cousin of Ferdinand Berthoud, circa 1801.

A clock by Ferdinand Berthoud's (1707 - 1807).

A chronometer by Charles-Auguste Berthoud, Paris, circa 1850.

Equation of Time by L.G. Blondeau, Paris circa 1831.

Thermometer at the pendulum's bob.

By John Roger Arnold and Charles Frodsham, London after 1855.

A German pocketwatch by Julius Assmann, Glashutte in Saxony, circa 1890.

A pocketwatch by Ulysse Nardin, circa 1915  with pulsometer.

Omega pocketwatch with tachometer in kilometers per hour, circa 1920.

The reverse side.

Ms Ann Walther

Before leaving the L.U.CEUM, CEO and ex-Chopard Moderator, MTF left a time-stamp in the guestbook.

Next, refreshment before returning for hotel ....


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Great report

 By: bon092 : November 30th, 2009-11:20
Kong This report is great Kong. I would love to see the manufacturing facilities of Chopard .Especially more details on the fabrication of the Chron-one

Unfortunately ...

 By: Kong : November 30th, 2009-21:32
I did not have any pics of ChronoOne as we were moving quite fast. Don managed to take a couple. Kong

Day 1 - Evening

 By: Kong : November 24th, 2009-09:52
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And it was only day one!

 By: Dje : November 25th, 2009-12:05
Hi, Thank you for reporting this great trip to us! It was seemingly a fantastic horological trip. I can't wait to see day two. Any watch scoop? Any new "surprise" model? Did you also get to visit Mr Scheufele's cars' house as it must be also another fanta... 


 By: Kong : November 25th, 2009-20:31
scoop.... no, I did not manage any as I was the last person walking behind the group and try to take more pics. Perhaps the group sitting on Mr KFS table might have There should be something nice for next 150th Anniversary. Kong

The SCOOP is ........

 By: ling5hk : November 26th, 2009-03:13
Can I reveal, Kong? Regards Ling


 By: Kong : November 26th, 2009-07:23
Ling, strange you are asking me, since I did not get to hear or see anything as I was always behind the group when moving around. Please keep it to yourself if you by chance heard or saw new stuff. Kong

Can't forget Mr. Karl's private collection 1/2204 cognac

 By: ling5hk : November 25th, 2009-15:21
It tastes a bit like single malt whisky. Strange! What can you say when the owner of Chopard invited you to his house for dinner with good food (including great choice of excellent desserts) prepared by his private chef, good wine and private collection c... 


 By: patrick_y : November 25th, 2009-22:27
Ling, you are absolutely right! I was very honored and very impressed with the unabashed generosity of our host. While I thoroughly enjoyed the factory tour of the Chopard watch factory, I have to say, I was more impressed with our host's generosity and e... 

A truly fantastic trip...

 By: patrick_y : November 25th, 2009-22:43
Thank you Kong for posting photographs for me to re-live my heavenly trip with PuristSPro and Chopard in Switzerland. I thank you for arranging this difficult trip for us (especially difficult considering there are a dozen people from a couple different c... 

Thanks Patrick....

 By: Kong : November 26th, 2009-07:26
for the kind words. If you have some pics, please feel free to post/supplement. Kong


 By: nacelle : November 26th, 2009-06:15
Great post Kong. Wonderful pictures as usual and story, almost felt like I was there!

Great to hear from you...

 By: Kong : November 26th, 2009-07:11
Thanks Eric for kind words. Managed to meet Diana for 5 minutes in the midst of the rush to 2 factories and various departments. Happy Thanksgiving. Kong

Awesome experience, Kong!

 By: AlexSunrise : November 26th, 2009-14:55
Thanks for sharing! By your pictures I can tell you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing with us! I am particularly fond of the RG QF and the Mark III, which I hope to add to my collection sometime in the future. Best regards, Alex

Thanks Alex....

 By: Kong : November 27th, 2009-10:41
As you have visited, we just needed more time You still prefer the RG QF, how about the latest more avant-garde design version? Day 2 to Geneva plant will post next week. Kong

Excellent report, Kong!

 By: dxboon : November 27th, 2009-23:53
What a wonderful, and special treat to dine with the Scheufele's at their home. Mr. Scheufele seems to be the consummate gentleman. I can't help but think his good taste is filtering down to the Chopard LUC line and resulting in some really lovely timepie... 

Well said, and good observations ...

 By: Kong : November 30th, 2009-21:28
about Mr Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Thanks. Kong

As always, Kong,

 By: masterspiece : November 28th, 2009-14:12
A great report! I especially liked the individual shots of the various pieces such as the tourbillon cage and the rotor in their "raw", unpolished stage. Even the remnants after the rotor was cut looked cool! I would take it that the "leftovers' would be ... 

Thanks Bob!

 By: Kong : November 29th, 2009-05:26
Aloha For the gold rotor, the remnants/residues will smelted again. Tungsten, should be scrapped. However, if I'm not wrong, since last 2 years, all the micro-rotors are in gold now. Thanks for viewing. Day2 will be posted soon Kong

Thanks Kong,

 By: michel : November 29th, 2009-11:09
For the report, it was great to be there, meet the very friendly people form Chopard, it was a great experience. Best, Michel

Ah! Thanks cool guy :-)

 By: Kong : November 30th, 2009-09:45
Part 2 coming up soon. Kong

Great pictures Kong !

 By: DonCorson : November 25th, 2009-07:08
I had a good time on that trip and the memories are good. Another round of thanks to the people of Chopard too. Don

Thanks Don, glad to see you again :-) [nt]

 By: Kong : November 25th, 2009-20:32
No message body

Thanks for your report of Day 1 Kong

 By: AnthonyTsai : November 25th, 2009-07:46
Feels as if I were there with you guys. Great pics too! Cheers, Anthony

Thanks A ...

 By: Kong : November 25th, 2009-20:43
As this is the second time I covered it, it is a bit more challenging, so posted more zoom-in pics ( as I can better control the camera than last year which I just bought the DSLR for less than 3 days, and the trip shots were the maiden effort ) and faces... 

Fantastic report Kong!

 By: fernando : November 25th, 2009-08:09
Enjoyed every bit of it. Would love to experience something like this one day! cheers fernando

Thanks Fernando ...

 By: Kong : November 25th, 2009-20:46
Let's see where the PPro Management plans for next year It will be nice to visit Chopard next year too as they are celebrating their 150th anniversary. Kong

Thanks a lot Kong for the wonderful report !

 By: foversta : November 25th, 2009-13:31
Chopard is a wonderful Mnufacture, I hope to visit it one day. Fr.Xavier

Hmm since ....

 By: Kong : November 26th, 2009-07:25
you are staying near to Geneva. When you've time, say hello to Mr Patrick Wehrli Kong

Thanks for sharing ::))

 By: MiniCooper : November 26th, 2009-11:28

Thanks PP...

 By: Kong : November 27th, 2009-10:43
Day 2 next week Kong

My favourite shot....

 By: MTF : December 2nd, 2009-11:42
Thanks Kong and Chopard LUC for the memories of the visit. This report was posted whilst I've been away for 2 weeks and the thread is long already; sorry to join in late. My favourite shot is the combination of LUC and PuristSPro ABR watches all together....  

Thanks, Kong!

 By: yesjb : December 4th, 2009-07:51
A great report. Brings back fond memories (TZ Tour 2006) of the Chopard visit. You and the others are very fortunate indeed to see the new developments. Even in 3 short years how the Manufacture has progressed so successfully. Wonderful to read. Best, Jos... 

More development soon ...

 By: Kong : December 9th, 2009-02:43
Thanks Joseph. From the buildings Chopard bought, more developments are coming which it is likely will be announced next year during the 150th Anniversary celebration. Just loaded up the three-part Day 2 at : Thanks for re...