Real Pictures of the revered L.U.C XP with Urushi (2009)

Jun 09, 2010,11:33 AM

The six models of L.U.C XP with Urushi dials, specially created in Japan with the theme of the five-element philopsophy that our universe is made up of by five basic elements : Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.  This collection was launched in Japan last August.  ( Please click here to view the earlier posting with the press pictures).

The Five models in rose-gold cases, are with dial-arts consisting of five heavenly animals in golden maki-e representing each of the 5 elements,  and  One white-gold piece representing the Universe.

The dials are the collaborative efforts of Japan's  top master craftsmen.
Each dial is uniquely hand-painted by the top Urushi Master, Mr. Minori Koizumi, and then applied gold maki-e by Yamada Heiando, a top purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household.

Below is the translation of the brochure for the L.U.C XP with Urushi collection by Chopard Japan.  Following will be the real pictures of the complete set taken at the Flagship Boutique of Chopard Singapore.

Seeing the pieces in steel is a totally different experience, as it is a challenge to capture the beauty and details with photographs as the dial changes at different viewing angles.  For friends who could visit the Boutiques in Singapore and Japan, do hop in to check out  these stunning pieces, otherwise I hope the pictures help.

The 6 Models

Now for the Real Picture  ....

The Ultimate Universe , the only piece in white gold case and hands.

Kylin In The Moonlight  representing the 'Earth' element.

The colours change when viewed at different angle.

Phoenix - Day & Night representing the 'Fire' element.

Treasured Turtle and Snake representing the 'Water' element.

Crouching Tiger representing the 'Metal' element.

Horn Dragon representing the 'Wood' element.

The caseback with the name of the craftsmen engraved, and a view of the L.U.C 96HM housed in all the Extra-plate L.U.C XP.

Hope you enjoy the pieces.


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 By: aldossari_faisal : June 9th, 2010-13:11
art is everywhere in those timepieces, seeing the live pics make me think thats the watches owner would never wear them or look to them aiming to know the time. Faisal

Should be worn, as these are portable art-pieces ...

 By: Kong : June 10th, 2010-01:05
protected by the case and sapphire crystal. Could even share with best friends without asking him/her to your home They look totally different under different lighting too. Kong


 By: aldossari_faisal : June 10th, 2010-02:25
and loved the idea of sharing the art without asking them to come over . Faisal

urushi technique

 By: tee530 : June 9th, 2010-14:32
Painstaking would be the word for those dials.... As someone with a severe allergy to poison ivy ( Toxicodendron sp.) I've been fascinated by this technique for a while. Urushi is the Japanese word for a species of lacquer tree ( Toxicodendron again) whos... 

That's the most accurate description!

 By: Kong : June 10th, 2010-01:17
Thanks Tom for the educational passage. Painstaking is indeed THE descriptor. Someone told me the same thing too, most of these Urushi Masters live in remote areas where the air is clean, and the drying process is as per what you described. So need no cle... 

Hi Kong

 By: tee530 : June 10th, 2010-08:42
Poison ivy ( Toxicodendron radicans ) is endemic to the east coast US. I have to be careful walking in the woods in the summer, as repeated exposure has made my reaction increasing severe over time. Brushing up against the leaves of the plant with bare sk... 

That's really ...

 By: Kong : June 11th, 2010-03:06
nasty Tom. Hope you carry some prednisolone, and summer is soon approaching. Kong

Breathtakingly Beautiful...

 By: Forsei : June 9th, 2010-23:54
Pure art Pure craftsmanship... Something I can only admire and adore, but cannot never afford!

Have a look ....

 By: Kong : June 10th, 2010-01:20
in Ngee Ann Boutique. Eyes-opener! The price is reasonable. Kong

Beautiful indeed!...

 By: W72 : June 10th, 2010-04:16
these are really works of art. I always love these kind of miniature artworkon watch dials. So small but so detailed. Looking closely at the photos, they show the increadible skills and not to mention the patience it take for the master artisan to produce... 

I know very high chance...

 By: Kong : June 11th, 2010-11:45
you will like these type of artisan work. This '5 Element' 2009 collection was launched last year for the Japan market, and of course news spread (we are one of the sources ) But I hope more people will get to know about it. Should appeal to fountain pen ... 

They are fantastically beautiful.

 By: Roxas : June 10th, 2010-10:38
Thanks for sharing.

If you are coming over ...

 By: Kong : June 11th, 2010-03:02
can have a look, Roxas ;-) Kong

Kong, thanks. These are fantastic.

 By: CaliforniaJed : June 10th, 2010-13:18
I'm still trying to decide which is my favorite! Best, Jed

Great pieces

 By: Steven Tan : June 13th, 2010-08:23
Those watches are very special and beautiful ! I was noted during the last gathering a month ago and found that each piece are unique and only available in certain boutique. Must see it in person in order not to regret, to own one will be perfect ! Thanks... 

Which is your favourite?

 By: Kong : June 13th, 2010-10:03
Hi Steven These model should be easily understood and appreciate by you since you like the work of Japanese fountain pens Kong

Just likes watchmaking.......

 By: Steven Tan : June 13th, 2010-20:37
Yes, I likes Japanese artwork, it is very unique and different from the China art. There have alot of details and the methods to present the artwork is skillful and difficult to copy and it takes a master artist many years to master the skill and craft ju... 

Art is art...

 By: patrick_y : June 14th, 2010-23:57
Breath taking pieces Kong! I was just thinking about your original post that you made in the past. It's good to see these photos again of the live pieces. My favorite is still strangely the Ultimate Universe piece. Which one looked best to you in person?

All look really good ...

 By: Kong : June 15th, 2010-21:01
However the Treasured Turtle and Snake, not much of a contrast. My favourite is the Kylin and also the Ultimate Universe too Kong

Really nice watches....

 By: Jacky : June 19th, 2010-11:51
Hey buddy, Thanks for sharing the photos...any chance of us getting to see them in person? In Singapore or Malaysia? Regards

In Singapore and Japan...

 By: Kong : June 20th, 2010-22:35
Ling saw them Kong

Kong is right, you need to see the real one to appreciate it.

 By: ling5hk : June 22nd, 2010-03:24
Having the opportunity to view the real pieces in Singapore, I was genuinely astonished to see the fine and very high standard of maki-e art work by the Japanese master. I have seen a few Peter Speake Marin's unique pieces with maki-e dial. Chopard's piec...