Aqua lung 1000 Nos Box and papers

 By: Briandumais : September 10th, 2010-13:20
I was lucky enough to find a very special Blancpain Aqua lung 1000. It has spent all of its time in its rare original box and has never been used! I did have to pay a kings ransom for the watch but its wonderful. For some reason i was unable to answer some of your questions on the below thread. Brian

CRAZY FIND, Brian...

 By: amanico : September 10th, 2010-13:27

I feared something like that, and you didn't deceive me.

I can't believe it... Complete and in magic condition...

As if you just bought it from THE shop.

I'm speechless, my friend. You just killed me.



Huge congrats...

 By: Goh : September 10th, 2010-17:10
That's a great catch.


This is absolutely cool !! Congrat Brian

 By: terenceho : September 10th, 2010-21:22

Is this strap a Tropic? or something else?


 By: grigo : September 10th, 2010-22:52

All I can say is that I am speachless and to commemorate this moment I'm going to go put on my FF Chrono.

Marvelous catch.

Best regards,


I think...

 By: DrStrong : September 10th, 2010-23:47

it's the first time I see what box and papers look like for such an early FF !

here's the original ad for your watch, to make the set even more complete ;-)

Congratulations Brian !

 By: fifty fathoms : September 11th, 2010-09:25
in fact , this is one of the best early FF I have seen until now, but I do not believe it is unworn. There are some scratches on the lugs and the bakelite is cracked, but who cares if it was worn or not. It is in an icredible good condition.
But for you it must be a little bit like " omne animal post...". For what to on the hunt now ?

I know... the early air command (lol)...

best Stephan

Huge congrats.......

 By: TonyR : September 11th, 2010-18:52

Opportunities like this to buy a sought after vintage watch complete and in unworn condition rarely come around. You are one lucky guy,  I'd be afraid to wear the damn thing!


more photos

 By: Briandumais : September 11th, 2010-20:30
Thanks for the kind words guys. The watch is mounted on a Apollo strap that Is not original to the watch. If you look at the 5th photo you will see a chunk of rubber that is melted to the box. I think it’s the remains of he original strap that somehow melted? Dr Strong I know that Blancpain made two different 3-6-9-12 dials. I think I have the earlier dial with triangle lume at the 3-6-9 position and the seconds marked at the 5-10 20-25 and so on. I cannot tell but it looks like the watch in the 1965 catalog might be a little later dial style. Maybe your eyes are better than mine. I really use the words Nos very carefully. The only real flaw on the watch is the minor standard crack in the insert at the 12 o’clock position that 95% of all inserts have. And yes I hope to discover the next Air Command. And yes i am afraid to wear the watch so its being stored in my safety deposit box. Brian

Congratulations, Brian!

 By: AlexSunrise : September 11th, 2010-22:09

I had the opportunity to see this one in person about a month ago. A superb find, indeed!

Did they tell you that the previous owner traded it in for an engagement ring? Now that's love!!!

Wear it in the best of health,

Best regards,


very nice

 By: MattS : September 11th, 2010-23:43
beautiful old piece, congrats. Matt

You should wear it, my friend...

 By: amanico : September 12th, 2010-00:00

Wear it carefully, but wear it!

It is such a pity to let it in a vault.



dear friend

 By: fifty fathoms : September 12th, 2010-09:30
sorry Brian, when you say it is NOS... it is NOS !

The crack on the bakelite can even come from drying out the material  during aging... ?

enjoy this watch lucky man you are

best regards Stephan

Dang ! Did i miss something ?

 By: bimbeano : September 16th, 2010-13:15

... i think so smile ...

This looks just to good to be true ... but it is, i hope you still got some Euro's left on your account smile.

Enjoy the watch Brian, and wear it from time to time please ?

Filip (very jealous).

Great find......

 By: MiniCooper : September 12th, 2010-01:51


But, wear it..... It is a pity to have it in the safe and not enjoy it....


Yet another great find. Congrats Brian! [nt]

 By: SJX : September 12th, 2010-22:20
No message body

this is a great and amazing find.. congrats, Brian.

 By: FanFrancisco : September 13th, 2010-07:45

Tornek Connection

 By: Briandumais : September 16th, 2010-12:50
I just got an email from one of Tornek's sons and he told me that the address on the paper work(75 W 45th St) was one of his dads location. They also were located at 565 5th Ave. I think most of us have seen this old advertisement.

Is it worth....?

 By: nudibranche : September 17th, 2010-14:24
Is it worth living without wearing this beauty? I'm sure you will take care of it. Congratulations !!!

What a catch...!

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : September 19th, 2010-11:36

Congratulations Brian

What a catch, and thankyou for sharing it with us.

I have never seen such a set...wauw smile




 By: Alex Collector : October 8th, 2010-23:32

I love it if want ever to sell it please consider me.

You are a lucky guy.

Congratulations it a very nice BP