Is this the Original Blancpain Fifty Fathoms from 1953?

 By: DoesNotTickTock : May 19th, 2022-14:52

It is between these two:

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2022-15:01

For the last one, the dial is a later one. Good but later.

Thank you

 By: DoesNotTickTock : May 19th, 2022-16:16
Thank you! Both so amazing!

Oh yes! Add a Milspec and a TR 900 and we are in Heaven!

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2022-21:05

I need to dive!

 By: Mary Anny : May 19th, 2022-15:51

Go, my friend, go!

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2022-15:52

As much as I can!

 By: Mary Anny : May 19th, 2022-15:52


 By: amanico : May 19th, 2022-15:53

this is the first one... 30 inverted :-)

 By: explorer1957 : June 7th, 2022-09:44

Wow, with the triangle on the bezel, too.

 By: amanico : June 8th, 2022-05:27

Wow, what is the number?

 By: fifty fathoms : June 9th, 2022-16:19

 By: explorer1957 : June 15th, 2022-08:13
5xx .....

Thanks for the information.

 By: amanico : June 15th, 2022-08:22


 By: fifty fathoms : June 15th, 2022-12:13
3 or 4 numbers?

The first: 4 numbers, the 2d: 3 numbers.

 By: amanico : June 15th, 2022-14:34

Top, thank you

 By: fifty fathoms : June 15th, 2022-18:36

Pleasure, mon ami. That kind of info helps for our census... ;)

 By: amanico : June 16th, 2022-04:04

Hi Nico

 By: fifty fathoms : June 16th, 2022-05:19
the FFs are still a mystery to me. i'm waiting for your book!


 By: amanico : June 19th, 2022-10:28

 By: explorer1957 : June 16th, 2022-06:47
3 digits... 5xx
it is in the same batch of the one delivered to the Marine Nationale (some of them are mentioned in a service book)

Thank you for the Information

 By: fifty fathoms : June 16th, 2022-11:26

I think the very first blancpains had the RI dial that was rail configuration and of course it had the Luxor Obelisks minuet hand. Brian

 By: Briandumais : June 22nd, 2022-01:15