The „unicorn“ Bathyscaphe

 By: shortys home : October 9th, 2021-07:59
Do you remember the Ceramized Titanium Bathyscaphe, introduced in March and already discontinued in November of 2013?

A close friend was able to hunt one down, which gave me the opportunity to finally capture it in photos.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Indeed, I remember, but I thought it was just a project! Wow, lucky owner!

 By: amanico : October 9th, 2021-08:26

Congrats to your friend, certainly a watch that is worth seeing in the metal! Thanks for sharing.

 By: FabR : October 9th, 2021-09:36

Great photo! I think that shows off the unique color of the car better than the press shots!

 By: Fastwong : October 9th, 2021-09:39
The watch looks pristine too, the ceramic coating must be working!

That case finish really stands out 👍🏻

 By: shortys home : October 9th, 2021-11:56

Thanks Henrik, I have been searching for one of these for ages - there was speculation that the material used wasn't very stable ? Was this true ?

 By: templetowers : October 9th, 2021-09:47

There’s no reliable information…

 By: shortys home : October 9th, 2021-09:54
… since Blancpain were silent about the reasons. Possibly it is more an issue of a too cost intensive production process. The few pieces that surfaced did not have any issues to my understanding.


It is always good to keep a bit of mystery... ;)

 By: amanico : October 9th, 2021-09:57

Yes my friend, I think so too, :)

 By: templetowers : October 9th, 2021-10:02


 By: amanico : October 9th, 2021-10:32

Thanks my friend , less than 50 I think made it into the wild - very desirable IMO. :)

 By: templetowers : October 9th, 2021-10:00

Information on the ceramized titanium used is pretty sparse as far as I can tell when I was looking for a ti Bathy

 By: Fastwong : October 12th, 2021-14:53
Based on this photo and what was cool when the watch was released, my hypothesis is that this was a ti case with a relatively thick ceramic coating. A thin DLC/PVD coating would allow the underlying metal treatment to show through (brushing, polishing, etc.) but this looks more like a thicker spray on / bake on coating like a Cerakote which completely covers the base metal finishing. No idea what the formulation is but usually these spray on finishes wear over time but can be stripped and reapplied. I think of them as good rust prevention (which ti doesn't really need) and a sacrificial aesthetic layer so instead of polishing the case would be stripped and re-coated if it started looking rough.

I’m fortunate to own one…..

 By: NardinNut : October 13th, 2021-00:51
It’s as pristine as day one. Not a mark on it. Hell of a watch. I never see people talk about them on the forums! Love this thread.

Wow, lucky you!

 By: amanico : October 13th, 2021-06:21

Good to know about the durability of the finish. Very cool. Brian

 By: Briandumais : October 13th, 2021-21:51

Yes, indeed!

 By: amanico : October 14th, 2021-06:15

Looks beautiful, reminds me of the sandblasted finish of the AP ROC LAB Paris

 By: SALMANQ8 : October 9th, 2021-21:12

I also remember that watch and was searching for one for a long time. Great catch. Brian

 By: Briandumais : October 10th, 2021-03:06

I don't, but take your word on all things BP

 By: MichaelC : October 10th, 2021-13:46
Wow, that is striking.

Have read about this piece but never saw one in the metal. The finishing is super cool indeed 💥

 By: holdemchamp1225 : October 10th, 2021-16:06

The best one!

 By: patrick_y : October 10th, 2021-20:52
My first introduction to the Bathyscaphe was this one.  And this is still my favorite!