Cappelletti spritz

 By: aperna : May 22nd, 2020-14:51

Cheers, Tony

Fifty Shades of Coolness! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2020-14:53
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Cheers my friend, I was wondering if you were still up [nt]

 By: aperna : May 22nd, 2020-15:14
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Always! I never sleep, or almost. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2020-06:29
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I think this watch would be so much better without a date and if they get rid of that BP Inscription on the side also if it was just a little bit smaller [nt]

 By: aperna : May 22nd, 2020-15:14
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 By: Kniazukay : May 22nd, 2020-16:53
I'm of course speaking selfishly, but if it had no inscription on the side and was like 42-40mm, it would be on my wrist no questions asked!
However it's still a stunner nonetheless.

+1! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2020-16:54
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This watch looks fantastic

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2020-00:40
on your wrist!

The bezel combined with this beautiful dial gives the entire watch a calmness, power and strength. I really like this BP-look.

But I agree with you: without a date, the watch would be even more attractive. I generally have a problem when the date is at 4:30.


Thanks for looking Thomas, have a wonderful weekend, best regards, Tony [nt]

 By: aperna : May 23rd, 2020-05:30
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Also for you a wonderful Sunday

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2020-07:16
and many joyful watch changes, my friend !


One of my all time favourites Tony! Superb shot!! Enjoy!! Alex [nt]

 By: agyzace : May 22nd, 2020-22:19
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Thanks for looking Alex, best regards, Tony [nt]

 By: aperna : May 23rd, 2020-05:31
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This is one of the best and most recognizable divers ever made.

 By: jlux : May 23rd, 2020-00:26
I tried it many times and always had to conclude that it looked too big on my wrist.
Therefore went with the Bathyscaphe.

A modern icon there Tony. The FF line is by far my favorite when it comes to modern divers 👍 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : May 23rd, 2020-10:25
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Thanks J [nt]

 By: aperna : May 23rd, 2020-12:01
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👍🙏 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : May 23rd, 2020-12:56
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