Thanks Nicolas. I should hire you as my press agent!

 By: 219 : May 13th, 2013-13:43

I appreciate all the kind words. Enjoyed working on the article, and sharing with the friends and enthusiasts here.

Hope to see you soon.

Andrew H

;) One photo is killing me... Stephane, Sylvain and Janek...

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2013-13:47

Having fun... That reminds me the ambiance during my trips at the Manufacture...

Good memories.

Which sums and says a lot!



My thanks for all the kind words on the forum. Harrods!

 By: 219 : May 13th, 2013-13:45

For those who are in London in the coming days/weeks, Harrods are holding an exhibition of the history of JLC. I recommend a look if you are in the area.

Thanks for everyone.

Andrew H

thank you so much for this

 By: donizetti : May 13th, 2013-13:53
circling this Reverso series(especially the repeater)  for the longest time and this article is the best thing I have read and seen about it. Outstanding. Best, Andreas

Many thanks. Much appreciated. nt.

 By: 219 : May 13th, 2013-14:12


Among the Best of PuristSPro!

 By: patrick_y : May 13th, 2013-14:08
Truly a fantastic epilogue of the rose gold Reverso series.  Great report Andrew, with the invaluable insight of the creative watchmakers at Jaeger-LeCoultre.  

They all look so young in that cycling photograph.  Especially Eric Coudray.  

Great report Andrew!  It shows unprecedented insight of facts, passion, and humanity behind the six watches that JLC made in the decade of the "90's."  

Edit:  read the report again.  I learned a lot about this perpetual calendar piece.  
This message has been edited by patrick_y on 2013-05-13 14:10:24

Thanks Patrick. It was a joy and honour on my part

 By: 219 : May 13th, 2013-14:18

to hear the stories and see the photos. Where does the time go?! Appreciate the kind words.

Andrew H

Thanks a bunch Andrew

 By: nikolaj : May 13th, 2013-14:39
I have the immense pleasure of having the RG Chrono within reach on a daily basis and I love it. To read your post about its historical importance for the manufacture and seeing your pictures of the entire family only fortifies the feelings.

I love the 80'ies MR! 

Thanks again


Thanks Nikolaj - glad you enjoyed reading it! nt.

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:26

Thank you

 By: ingmar : May 13th, 2013-15:45
This kind of organization and dedication makes me proud to own and wear JLC., especially the Reverso. 

My pleasure! nt..

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:26

A wonderful read

 By: long71 : May 13th, 2013-22:07
Many thanks to you for this effort, Andrew 


And my thanks for reading. nt.

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:27

The story was supposed to continue...

 By: watchme : May 14th, 2013-07:16

in the 2000's with a series in platinum, but with the advent of XGT cases and the Antoine LeCoultre in platinum, it was never completed.

The Reverso Platinum Number One (skeleton), in 2001, the Reverso Platinum Number Two (tourbillon w/power reserve) in 2003, were the only 2 pieces "officially" part of the series. A 2nd Skeleton (highlighted in the book "The Grande Maison") COULD HAVE continued the series, but the public was already onto the larger case and the benefits it offered.

With the Septentieme came the new, XGT case, and a bunch of GREAT complications came as a result of it. Personally, I REALLY like the 8-day power reserve, and would love to see it in a slimmer case (though I have NO HESITATION) wearing the Grande GMT, which is a personal favorite. However, a thin 8-day with minor complication (pointer date?) might be nice.


The Reversos 8 Days are great watches, but a tad slimmer would have been better.

 By: amanico : May 14th, 2013-07:47

Agreed on The fact that it is a pity that JLC didn't follow the platinum Reverso Saga...

But many other exciting watches were born!



And you are correct: it was supposed to be continued...

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:31

in platinum and with the skeleton number 1, and I held out hope for a skeleton series, but somewhere along the line, the Manufacture shifted into other innovations, watch cases, and movements, and to great effect.  Within a year or two of letting go of the platinum series, the Gyro 1 was out.  Hence, resources went in new and more technically difficult directions.

Andrew H

GR8 post Andrew, thanks!! NT [nt]

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 14th, 2013-08:00
No message body

Thanks Mr. Gatsby! nt.

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:32

After reading this wonderful story,

 By: kingmatic : May 14th, 2013-19:38

I have an even greater appreciation for the brand, but mostly for the extraordinary JLC´s watchmakers

Thank´s for sharing 


Then that's a good thing! Happy to have made a small difference. nt.

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:32

Thank You Andrew

 By: dreamer8 : May 14th, 2013-20:10
Great reference post which I have bookmarked. Your article made me search for my JLC catalogues and to page through them. I found pictures of a more youthful Mr.Golay and other team members.


Honoured - thanks! We were all younger once!!! But I have

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:34

to say that for a retired gent, Mr. Golay looks and is very spritely!  Must be that healthy mountain living....

Andrew H

Very nice work Andrew

 By: Mark in Paris : May 15th, 2013-05:57
I had great pleasure in reading (and learning) thanks a lot!



Thanks Mark. nt.

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:34

terrific read Andrew....

 By: moc : May 15th, 2013-14:23
What a great report...

Thanks Mo. Hope to see you soon. nt.

 By: 219 : May 16th, 2013-01:34

I used to

 By: sybelite : May 19th, 2013-07:44
Own the minute repeater reverso, I miss all the reverso I've had that I've sold, especially the white gold Art Deco.

Great retrospective, Andrew, thanks! Brings back quite a few memories...

 By: ThomasM : June 27th, 2013-17:30

of my own...

Always nice to remember the past as we charge headlong into the future.

Cheers, my friend.


Oldie but a Goodie

 By: Brandon Skinner : February 22nd, 2015-12:23

I chanced upon this article while in the search for something else. I wasn't around to read this article when it was first published but I can say articles like this are exactly why the PuristPro forum and it's community of members and moderators is the very best on the web. Thank you so much for the incredible article, 219, and look forward to many more to come.

It is incredible (but not a surprise) to see the likes of Christian Laurent (Laurent Ferrier) and Eric Coudray (Cabestan) working for JLC... no wonder the end result was so impressive. I wish I knew who the current superstars-in-hiding are at JLC who might emerge to start their own independent brand in the years to come. 

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