Vintage Ads: The Series – Part #6 Advertising as art

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 15th, 2011-05:47

Hello Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Lovers,


For my 5K post I though I should post some about the more artistic styles of the JLC ads thru the history.


What’s interesting is that in Jeager-LeCoultre ads a lot of art and graphic elements was used while in Jaeger ads and LeCoultre ads there was more focus of the actual watches.


Here are a couple of examples of typical Jaeger/LeCoultre ads:


Jaeger, French ad, 1934.


LeCoultre, North American ad, 1948.


All the following ads are Jaeger-LeCoultre in French…


During the 40’s the famous Éloge du temps was a red line thru the advertising.




The most art like watch I have in my collection is the Triple Date but as you all know – all JLC’s are a piece of art!





It would be very interesting to know more about the different painters.




I tried to google some of them, but it’s hard to find any information…




This one is one of my favourite JLC ads ever!



In the end of the 40’s, JLC used art combined with poems as advertising…


Jaeger-LeCoultre, French ad, 1948.


Excuse the poor translations (google), I guess that in French it’s much better…


“In vain , on stage, interspersed with jumps,
The dancer at the time, trying to escape.
In vain, captive of a rhythm wrapped,
The spring, the clock, trying to escape ...”


Paul Claudel




“I know the art of evoking happy moments”




This ad shows watches and champagne… My two favourite things..!






“All things in time,
and component.”


Paul Claudel




“An hour is an hour ...
it is a vase full of scents, sounds, projects and climates”


Marcel Proust




This statement I love: “You need a WATCH”!


So true! smile






In this one they actually show a watch!


In the 50’s the “Flower” series came and here they focused more on the watches the earlier.




“The rose, fledgling rays of the morning,
Mark the face of beauty destiny.”




... and the flower of yesterday that tomorrow
hours chart their sovereign order.”




“...whose round beauty in the blue lounging,
forgetful of time that slowly clears


One of the main reasons I started to collect JLC’s was for the romantic “feel and design” of their watches.


This was long before I know the rich history of the brand, but now looking back…


I realize this “feel” that made me start – has been with the Manufacture for a long time!




For wrist watches, hands have always been a natural part of advertising.












In the mid 50’s, more and more focus on the watches…


But still with a lot of graphic elements in the ads!


Again, Paris…














A lot of graphic elements…!










In the end of the 50’s magazines printed in colour made advertising change in character again.














And this led us in to the well known Jubilé ads.








In the 60’s the style changed entirely.


Still very artistic and beautiful but in a different way.


I will leave them out, and come back to them in a separate post.


But before I stop, I will share some from the 70’s.


Well, during the 70’s as you know – everybody was smoking… Something…


And this shows also in ads from that time..!






Very psychedelic, very funky! smile




In this post I have left out catalogue scans...


But as you may have noticed, it’s already a modem burner!






Thank you for reading this exhausting Part #6 of this Vintage Ads Series.


Hope you enjoyed!







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Wonderful, again

 By: nilomis : July 15th, 2011-06:55

Your saga continues to amazes all of us.

This one, even if it's a 1958 ad, sounds like "Take Five", played by the "The Dave Brubeck Quartet" (the first recording was in 1959).


Like JLC watches…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 17th, 2011-03:58

Their ads are a never ending story..!




Thank you, Nilo!






There are some very strong ads, here.

 By: amanico : July 15th, 2011-07:04

Well, the 1958 ad featuring the Geophysic in Rose Gold, of course, but one is speaking very lous to me. This one:



Time, personalized, walking on a cloud, and flying among the clouds, at the same time, this blend of day and night, and the title: " Eloge of Time ", this compostion speaks very loud to me.

Will try to find one, and to put it in a frame, then on a wall.

I know this as for many years, now, and one of my dreams would be to find one.

That  means a lot.

Thanks for another nice travel in time, Blomman.





Indeed.. THAT is the One .. :))

 By: hs111 : July 16th, 2011-10:17
- which EVERYONE would cherish ,
says it all, and very poetically so ..

On a smaller note, I recently have been quite
lucky .. to find few others, not as famous,
but very nice , too.

Many of these vintage ones are true gems,
and confirm that ad and art can go together,
if used wisely and with care ..

Just my little 2-cents,
Best, hs

Well, am I the only one here to not gey any of these Vintage ads?

 By: amanico : July 16th, 2011-11:22


To be honest, I've recently been gifted one of those, and an important one, I mean one which is really dear to my heart.

Will post a pic as soon as I can.



Sounds promising.. I'll do so humbly in return ! :)

 By: hs111 : July 16th, 2011-13:43
- indeed, they are terrific gifts,
and fascinating witnessess of times gone by.

Sometimes, these can also help us to underdtand,
- on other occasions they pose new riddles ..

Always enjoyable ..

Best for Saturday evening,

Oh, what I almost forgot.....

 By: hs111 : July 16th, 2011-14:16
Oh, what I almost forgot..

Will keep my eyes open .. Maybe something pops up one more time,
from this source ..

Can't promise, but I'll try:
- maybe once I could find something for you..

Best, hs

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Alert from: www:watchprosite
Posted By: amanico (registered) on July 16th, 2011 - 11:22

Title: Well, am I the only one here to not gey any of these Vintage ads? 

Thank you, hs... I'm very late when it comes to this topic. ;)

 By: amanico : July 16th, 2011-14:21

Well, maybe ..But you are upfront in all others ! :))

 By: hs111 : July 16th, 2011-14:32
- so nice to follow the Dark Lord !

A tiny area maybe where the novice(s)
might be of some little help..

Best, hs

As so many times before…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 17th, 2011-04:04

We have the same favourite, Nicolas!




And the same idée – me I am hunting a second copy to frame.


First copy always goes in to my black book archive…


Actually, I think it would be very nice to make theme in a watch room with all the “Éloge du Temps” on the walls!


Thank you, my friend!






I'm far from feeding the " Black Album ", but yes, some of the nicest ads on the wall...

 By: amanico : July 17th, 2011-04:26

That is a very tempting idea.


With a bit of luck and a lot of time, I guess, I will be able to do it...

Best, my friend.


Like with everything in life that you want…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-03:35

All it takes is some time and patience – and you will reach your goal!





Best, my friend



No Black Book .. But nice White Wall .. YET:

 By: hs111 : July 17th, 2011-04:44
I truly can relate to these little marvels..

- but only have found some very few, which I however
like a lot ..
.. Not yet a single one from the Ėloge du Temps Series,
which I would absolutely adore .

So still a long path, also on this Avenue..

Try to follow you there with pleasure and patience

Thanks for walking ahead..


- will try to post one or another from my
little 2-Cents..

It’s a very long but fun journey!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-03:54

A lot of interesting things to discover!


With your pace, you will soon be ahead, HS!







No ambition there.. Just a patient pupil.. Always happy to learn & enjoy !

 By: hs111 : July 18th, 2011-04:02
No worries, since I have seen your treasure book ..
So amazing, so many joys.. And some secrets as well, as it appears !

Fzrther to that, for example - I have been trying to hunt and look for one - JUST one of those
Euloge du Temps ( ideally the Nuit & Jour, but also the other would be great),
- alas so far emtpy hands..

And you are looking for ( or having) already the second of those or others,
-- That I call 'pace' and Treasure Book.

But thnx as alwys for so encouraging words and kindness exercised !

Best, hs

I had a head start…! ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-04:27
No message body

Good Role model .. difficult to catch .. but I'll humbly do my 'Spiel' .. :))

 By: hs111 : July 18th, 2011-04:53
Thnx for going ahead, smile)

Musketiers need good Leaders,
Also: For Jedis and Siths alike -
always in two they come..

Best, my friend

Re: In two they come…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-08:35

Yes, Vlad and Mr 666!




Only downside with such a leader is that you will end up with 2 small holes in your neck!





Best, my friend – and be careful with your neck!



Actually, I like both .. AND the little pinch signs.. ;-)

 By: hs111 : July 18th, 2011-08:51
.. Recently appear to have discovered something on the contralateral side, as well,
Starts with a B...

Also I start getting used to it ..

Best, hs

outstanding, thank you blomann

 By: georgeszaslavsky : July 15th, 2011-08:07

These ads remember me the art & science themes which was dear to general motors back in in its glory days of the 50's. thanks for sharing.

best regards



Thank you, Georges!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 17th, 2011-04:14

A lot of beautiful ads were made in the 50’s!




Cars, perfume, even cigarette ads!






Really great post...

 By: watchme : July 15th, 2011-10:22

who's cellar did you scavenge to find these paper jewels?


I roamed cellars all over Paris..! ;)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 17th, 2011-04:18

Thank you, Dean!






Next time, tell me what cellars you use to visit.... ;)

 By: amanico : July 17th, 2011-04:46

Next time I bring you along! ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-04:01
No message body

re" Part #6

 By: DRMW : July 15th, 2011-13:25
Congrats on 5k and a great way to do it with another wonderful post!

I like the 1954 ad with the hands drawn in pencil/scribble, the watches pop out due to the contrast of black lines.   It'll be interesting how those in the future view today's ads by JLC.



 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-04:05

The 1954 scribble series I like a lot too!


So simple but yet very appealing!




Thank you, MW!


Posts (and time) fly fast when you are enjoying yourself!








Fantastic way to celebrate your 5000!

 By: ocwatching : July 15th, 2011-17:11
Love these ads. It's so reflect of the brand and the European influences.

Romantic tributes to a great brand!

blomman, where do you store all these?

Yes, a lot of European influences!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 18th, 2011-04:32

Thank you, OC!


My “black book” is actually several black books…


Here are some of them…










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