Vintage Ads: The Series – Part #3 Electronic

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-02:15

Note: Due to technical problems I re-post this Part #3. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Lovers,


After some R&R with friends I am back and ready with Part #3.


During the 70’s and onwards, like most of the Swiss watch manufactures’ JLC included begun to make Quarts movements.




You probably know that JLC used to make quartz wrist watches, MASTER-QUARTZ.


Photo credit; Nilomis.


Or Master Quartz LED like this one.


Photo credit; GregB.


Even in some Reverso JLC used Quartz movements!


And still do…


In the beginning they put a Q on the dial but nowadays I think they don’t do that any more.


Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue, 1983.


BUT, did you know that in the 1960’s Jaeger had a clock series they branded “Jaeger Electric”?



In the beginning the “ELECTRIC” was written in uppercases but at some point Jaeger changed the writing to “electronic” written in lowercases.


Also note the change from electric to electronic!



This part of Jaeger had separate logo!



Here shown together.



Jaeger Electronic, French ad, 1962.


This logo was used on the dial of the clocks.



Difficult to see in the scan, but it’s the small smudge at 12 o’clock…



On this one it looks like its written Jaeger Electronic on the dial.



Jaeger Electronic, French ad, 1967.


Not sure if these clocks was only on the French market or world wide.


Anybody got a clue?


In this ad it’s even harder to see, but I think its written Jaeger Electronic on all of the dials.



Jaeger did not only put electronic movements in “modern” clocks but also in “classic” looking clocks like this one.


Jaeger Electronic, French ad, 1968.


I still don’t have any Quartz or Electronic watch/clock in my collection…



I wonder if there are more of these kinds of branches hiding in the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre..?


Thank you for reading Part #3 of this Vintage Ads Series.


Hope you enjoyed!







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My bad, Blomman. As I told you in my mail...

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2011-02:19

I messed a bit when I edited your post to  put it in the reference posts.

I'm very sorry for the inconveniences, for you, and for all of us who answered to your post.

Thanks for reposting!



No problem, my friend!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-02:26

Thank you for the reference post honour!








A bizarre periodin history in my opinion.

 By: grigo : July 3rd, 2011-02:38

I am glad it is behind us. The LED watch reminded me of a Texas Instruments watch that I used to own.

Bad souvenirs from my perspective.

Best regards,


I'm thinking the same thing, George...

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2011-02:49

But on another side, it is always great to learn things we didn't  dig out, by an evident lack of interest, or taste.



Good or bad…

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-02:58

Well, basically I do agree with you!


The look and feel of these watches is not for me…


But if we only look at the technical part, it’s understandable!


At that time new technology made it possible to make a more accurate watch to a cheaper cost.


Of course manufactures like JLC had to jump on that wagon to meet the wider markets demand…


But for collectors here in this forum I think that one big trigger for most of us are the mechanical challenge to make a watch without a computer chip inside..!




Also imagine where the price level for these small marvels would be without the Quartz setback in the 80’s..?






It is all part of the history of the brand.

 By: grigo : July 3rd, 2011-11:19

And as such is important to preserve and share.

A great post Blomman.

Best regards,


Few nuggets in the Electic collection

 By: Marv : July 3rd, 2011-07:23
Hi Blomman,

The electric watches or clocks are not my favorite family in the JLC universe. But there are some very nice objects, and it began before the 60s.

For example, the beautiful mystery clock that you used in order to announce the series of articles is an electronic one.

credit : yourself!


Agreed, Marv. This " Mystery " is irresistible.

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2011-08:49

I did not know that!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 3rd, 2011-10:35

Thank you very much for this piece of information, Marv!


Never saw this one in real.


Have you? Or you might even have it in your collection?!








The caseback logo

 By: nilomis : July 4th, 2011-03:16
Nicolas is so mad with quartz that he vanishes my post!!!! He he.


This is the caseback of my "Master Quartz".

I keep imagine if this watch was a mechanical one.
It could be a very cool 70's watch.


I'm ashame, my friend. Really ashame to have pressed the wrong button.

 By: amanico : July 4th, 2011-03:26

And to have missed the picture of your case back. Stunning.

aaah, byt the way, my msitake was not about your post, but about the wholme thread...


Best, and sorry, Nilo.


I was teasing you

 By: nilomis : July 4th, 2011-03:37
The one that never made a mess with computers can throw the first stone.

Cheers my friend.

Thank you for chipping in again, Nilo!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 9th, 2011-04:51

I know for a fact that the Dark Lord is not totally against quartz…








Vlad put a dark spell on my Quartz

 By: nilomis : July 11th, 2011-14:36
First, I dropped the watch, face down, trashing the plastic crystal (yes, plastic shatters!).

My watchmaker did his magic and the watch was saved.

Next, I went to a presentation and the watch stopped!!
I don't recall the last time that I experience a "watch stop".
Few shakes and it started again, but I lost my fait on this one.

My watchmaker is taking it to a voodoo session to exorcise Vlad's evil eye.
Let's see if he succeeds. Or not.


Vlad is stronger than Quartz. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 11th, 2011-22:39
No message body

Some additional info on the Electronic

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 11th, 2011-13:35

Here is another ad I found from the early 60’s.


Note the ELECTRIC logo.








 By: BDLJ : July 11th, 2011-17:10

They aren't the same thing. I wonder if JLC actually used to the terms accurately, it might tell us about what was inside the clocks and what regulated them.

Did JLC ever make quartz movements? I thought they just bought in the modules...


I understand why people do not like quartz or electric clocks. I am rather cold on quartz wristwatches, but understanding quartz is vital to understanding horology. 


My 70's quartz movement is made by G. P.

 By: nilomis : July 11th, 2011-17:46
If my research is correct.

G. P. was a competitor, on the early quartz (in)glorious days, of the Beta consortium.


You're right.

 By: BDLJ : July 11th, 2011-20:39

....Sorry, I should have written JLC LED modules.

That era would have been fascinating. A real race for accuracy.

Thank you for the info, Nilo! [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 12th, 2011-14:34
No message body

I agree in your point of view of quartz.

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 12th, 2011-14:23

And must confess that I know very little about the JLC Electric / Electronic / Quartz history…