Bit of green

 By: EinPa : February 13th, 2020-14:48

One more

 By: EinPa : February 13th, 2020-15:32

Always a pleasure to se this green rare bird. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 13th, 2020-15:33
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 By: M4 : February 13th, 2020-15:49

Green rocks.


Gorgeous dial.... [nt]

 By: nacelle : February 14th, 2020-05:33
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Beautiful watch! Is this one of those Bond Street versions? [nt]

 By: patrick_y : February 14th, 2020-13:44
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Yes it is [nt]

 By: EinPa : February 14th, 2020-13:47
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