By: janef : September 11th, 2022-18:22
I don’t know why these early models.. they are so special on the wrist.. pure, unpretentious, elegant and timeless to me and the comfort is one of the best in the business. Despite the relatively small size, it has amazing wrist presence too.

Just some of my thoughts when I glance at my wrist this afternoon, wearing an unpopular early model.


Looks very cool …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 11th, 2022-18:49
Keep enjoying it.

They were luckily not so popular

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : September 11th, 2022-18:49
And already a racing machine at your wrist.
Yet barely nobody gave a damn.
Today... Well, I wonder how some people can be si stupid to wear a fake ignoring how dangerous has become.
You're likely in a private place and can wear it with no snipers on the rooftop.
AFAIK, the movement run like a quartz, the most precise watch I've ever had with the worst strap ever (gone a decade ago)

Yes, they are pretty accurate..

 By: janef : September 12th, 2022-12:07
I swim a lot with it on my wrist.. 

Sadly it is no longer safe to wear this openly.. I have kept most of my expensive pieces in the safe. Life pretty boring and with all the hype on watches these days I have also reduced my purchases for the pass couple of years. Otherwise I would buy at least four to five pieces per year. As you know for the pass two years, stocks are limited and I don’t like to buy into the hype. 

Hopefully this hobby will be merry again in the near future with more abundance in availability and hopefully safer environment where we can just wear whatever we like on the street. Was in London couple weeks ago and i didn’t feel safe.

One of my safe queen. Not seen the daylight for the past 3 years or more..


That's RM at its best

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : September 12th, 2022-13:17

Man I love this watch. Would love to see more of your RM’s

 By: doubleup : February 26th, 2023-23:21

It's a great,

 By: InHavenPro : September 11th, 2022-19:17
timeless design indeed. Nice environment, cheers, Filip

Unmistakable and cool "vintage" RM, a piece to thoroughly enjoy! Thanks for the superb portrait ;-)

 By: FabR : September 11th, 2022-19:39

Which model is this?? I’m not aware of any unpopular early RMs…

 By: ArmisT : September 11th, 2022-20:06
this one has all the classic RM features/DNA which drove prices to astronomical levels, no?  I’m not an RM expert, so I defer to you.

Haha.. this is the 5

 By: janef : September 12th, 2022-12:29
It is unpopular in comparison to the 010, 11 series and 55 etc.. Ppl tend to prefer bigger watches hence collector much prefer 010.. however personally I like the 5’s slim bezel profile. I find it more delicate and elegant in comparison. 

I attached a photo below for your own comparison and love to hear your thoughts. 

 Mind you, the 10 despite being a slightly bigger watch and visually more sporty, it has lower water resistant rating. 5 has 100m and 10 only rated at 50m. 

 To me, I find the 010 looks more “rounded” compared to the 5.. 🤔

First is the 005.. photo credit m

Secondly RM010.. photo credit from YouTube, @watchbox


Thank you for this comparison. I agree…

 By: ArmisT : September 12th, 2022-16:55
while they are similar, the 010 is notably rounder, and relatively “bloated” looking (again, in comparison). Therefore, I like the sharper and sleeker look of the 005. Given your particular taste for sleeker, what did you think of the 67-01? It is my favorite given the RM DNA but in a more professional and wearable presentation. That being said, the opposite end of spectrum with the larger (but not sooo busy) and complicated pieces would be a lot of fun. I like your 005 in this respect a lot 👌🏽
I like it more than the recently discontinued 030. The 72-01 is most eye catching of the current production. But still, I think the earlier pieces are the best. I hope you at least wear yours around the house now and then…something better than nothing I guess. Wear them all in the best of health and longevity!

TO be enjoyed!

 By: patrick_y : September 11th, 2022-23:18