Lack of updates on website

 By: grahamhar : May 15th, 2019-12:56
I guess I’m showing my age but do RM only show updates on Instagram? I do like this but would prefer to see a more detailed release on the website.

Looks like they had some left over Perini cup movements =)

 By: doubleup : May 15th, 2019-13:29
IDK the answer to your question but have been seeing new RM's on Instagram posts first quite a bit lately. 

I think that they consider that IG is more appropriate for a piece dedicated to Japan only

 By: foversta : May 15th, 2019-14:30
The website will be updated with the global novelties.


I m not sure if it's the Japan only or the red...

 By: traineract : May 16th, 2019-07:38
That sucked me in. But I find this one of the most appealing RM somehow

I have to confess it is a beauty... I love the bridges shapes. [nt]

 By: foversta : May 19th, 2019-11:53
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Yes, those bridge shapes are just devine! More of that please RM. [nt]

 By: cory : May 19th, 2019-20:45
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