1960s Vintage Divers

 By: MattS : October 31st, 2010-15:09

Hi all,

I wanted to share some pictures I took of a nice Duo: Omega Seamaster 300 from 1962 and Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner from 1966.


Awesome duo, Matt!

 By: E.J. : October 31st, 2010-16:23

Really thanks for sharing these two marvels with us.

I love a lot the Seamaster, my friend. Awesome watch.

And the Tudor is certanlly impressive, too.

Big congrats for your two beauties.



Thanks E.J

 By: MattS : November 1st, 2010-10:37
They are both indeed very appealing and very wearable!  Matt

Wonderful pieces!

 By: Watchlover78 : October 31st, 2010-16:27
Best regards,


Thanks for your kind words. Matt [nt]

 By: MattS : November 1st, 2010-10:38
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Dynamic Duo you got there ...

 By: aboen : October 31st, 2010-17:02
I really appreciate these vintage divers lately....such a cool look and vibe to them .. I plan to add few in the future when funds allow .
Great pix.

Thanks Drew

 By: MattS : November 1st, 2010-10:41
Indeed very enjoyable and still somehow affordable compared to some of their counterparts and not difficult to find for the Tudor, real pleasure watches!  Matt

Funny, Matt.

 By: amanico : October 31st, 2010-17:31

I wanted to post a topic I've prepared some time ago, about the same thing.

I will post it later.

Very nice Duo, my friend.

I can say that Diving watches from the 60ies are my very favourite: A rich production, and a very interesting one, compared to the 70ies.

Best, my friend.


nice watches in there

 By: aldossari_faisal : November 1st, 2010-00:31


 Love the patina ...


 Thanks for sharing .



thanks for your compliments

 By: MattS : November 1st, 2010-10:42
glad you enjoy the pictures.  Matt


 By: Ubik : November 1st, 2010-11:06
Great divers. The Omega is one of my favourites, really like the bezel on it.
It's a very tempting watch. smile The deep velvety blacks in your pictures are sumptuous.

Don't know much about the Tudor, be great to know some more about it?

Nicolas, I agree the Sixties is a golden time for divers, but the Seventies is not without its unique moments.

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Superb example, Eitan.

 By: amanico : November 1st, 2010-13:54

I have entered, very recently, the Vintage Breitiling world...

Still have to do my homework, but I am already very seriously interested by another great Vintage Diver, from Breitiling, the Superocean, the time only version, with its particular bezel and a superb dial.

I also saw a RCAF monopusher Chrono, and the famous AVI.

You see, it is like a Pandora's box... It is always better to not open it!




Matt, you have a …

 By: blomman Mr Blue : November 1st, 2010-12:30

Matt, you have a stunning vintage diving collection!




I really enjoy looking at your photos!


It’s like looking at my non JLC wish list!








Thanks Bloman

 By: MattS : November 1st, 2010-12:58
Glad you enjoy the pictures, I try to give justice to the watches!...I know we all have a list, and there are a few JLCs (vintage!) on mine!!!!...but !!!???...well anyway, no rush...Matt

Great Duo.

 By: VMM : November 2nd, 2010-15:53

The TUDOR looks fantastic, love it.

Enjoy them.

Vte smile

What else?

 By: nudibranche : November 4th, 2010-02:21
Hi Matt, nice pictures for two beautiful watches !
I'm trying to book a visit at Blancpain expo on nov 16th with your brother...could you join us...with these beauties?