Four Vintage Diving Watches.

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-05:53

We can take unlilmited examples, but I tried, here, to focuse on the Fifties Diving Watches, which can be considered as the (re ? ) birth of these special timekeepers, as Panerai could well be considered as a Pioneer regarding this topic ( Since 1936 ).

At this moment, which were the more known brands to tempt this aventure?

Rolex and Blancpain, since 1953, and also, a bit later, Omega ( 1957 ) and Jaeger- LeCoultre ( 1959 ).

Hence the idea to take a Family Picture of what I consider as 4 aces:

From Left to Right:

Rolex Submariner 5508, Omega Seamaster 300 Ref 14 755, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Milspec, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm ( Europe ) :

Is it possible to beat or upgrade these 4 aces?

Of course, it would be exciting to get a 5510 or a 6538 instead of the Rolex 5508, and to trade the Seamaster 300 Ref 14 755 ( which replaced the CK 2913 ) for this last one .

As for the Jaeger-LeCoultre, this Deep Sea Al;arm is impossible to beat, and the Fifty Fathoms Milspec is an absolute Reference, which was used as a basis for the further Tornek Rayville, US Navy, and so on.

But, as they are, they are very representative of the 50ies Diving Watches, they were the Champions of their respective brands.





 By: malopignons : May 9th, 2010-06:42

I lose my words , the four are beautiful and NOS.

Congratulations my friend

NOS, not really, but what matters is

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-10:21

That all of these 4 are gorgeous examples on some early experiences...

Thanks, my friend.


Fantastici Quattro!

 By: Tony C. : May 9th, 2010-08:31

and the bezel on the Deep Sea Alarm may be the sweetest ever made!

Thanks for sharing, Nicolas.


Tony C.

The bezel on the DSA is redone, but

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-10:23

Nicely redone!


Still have some few projects / targets before closing this thema...

Best, my friend.


Love them all, but...

 By: BDLJ : May 9th, 2010-20:19


Great post and I love them all - particularly the Omega, great job on the restoration - but to be the voice of dissent, is the JLC really a diver's watch? With its non-rotating, ungraduated bezel? In those days you had a your tables and a j-valve on your tank. The DSA isn't really going to help you much... smile Still beautiful, though.

He He, Ben .... I was waiting for something like that.

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-23:20

I'm preparing a small topic about the DSA, as I was lucky enough to fall onto something interesting.

But can't we consider that some flaws make a great watch, with the Distance of Time?

Therefore, would you dive with any of these Vintage Ladies?

Me, NO!

I would be too afraid to damage them, and wouldn't swear they still re water resistant, in fact, I could even swear they are not!


Best, my friend.



 By: BDLJ : May 9th, 2010-23:29

Ah, you know me, Nico. smile

I see the DSA as an interesting, robust watch, with (when new) great lume (witness the bezel) for night-time function. Terrific watch, just not to dive with, new or old. So very interested in your new information. But all 4 have their charms.

As for diving with them....What if you were a diver, and you KNEW one was OK...the temptation...


If I knew there was one OK for diving?

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-23:41

So, it wouldn't be a temptation anymore, but a Reality.

Wait, I'm not that sure...

Let's say that I know that my DSA is OK for diving, would I take the risk to hit / ding / bang ( well you got the ) it during a dive?

No way!


Best, my friend.


I've never hit anything...

 By: BDLJ : May 12th, 2010-05:03


All the hits and scrapes and dropping happen during packing your gear, getting your gear out of the bag, putting on your gear, hanging around on the boat (optional), climbing back onto the boat (optional!) getting out of your gear, cleaning it all in the rinse tank, laying it out to dry, packing it back it's easy not to ding your watch! smile

The diving bit is the safe part for your watch - even inside a wreck in surge and current...


Hard to counter that argument.

 By: mkvc : May 9th, 2010-08:50
Nice group.

The interesting thing would be to do the same

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-10:20

Groupshot on Vintage 60ies Diving watches...

Then On 70ies...

I'm working on it.




Concerto for Quatuor...

 By: MattS : May 9th, 2010-10:31

Beautiful quatuor Nico, watches in superlative state!...I think you should take a new shot more directly on top of the watches as this angle doesn't do justice to the Jaeger due to the glass.  Do you want to do the same for the 60s and 70s!?..Trio, Quatuor, Quintet or big band!...


A dead face shot is impossible, as

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-10:35

I will have too many reflections...

As for the 60ies and 70ies project, yes, I'm working on it.

I'm waiting for 2 more significative watches to come, in July, if all works well.



Really nice!

 By: E.J. : May 9th, 2010-12:18

What a quartet!

Blancpain Ff, Rolex, Omega, JLC... probably, the most representative diver watches brands.

Thanks for sharing and congrats for your "repoker de ases"

Best, Hermano


Thanks, Emilio

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-13:51

Will try to maintain the same level for the 60ies...


Un abrazo,


The Deep Sea Alarm rules

 By: nilomis : May 9th, 2010-17:05

Amazing watch.

For me it's a true grail.



I share your point of view on the DSA, Nilo.

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-22:21

The most original among these 4, indeed.

La creme de la creme, with its qualities and its strange flaws...

I'm preparing something about it, I will certainly post in June or July.




Beautiful foursome.....

 By: Darren : May 9th, 2010-21:00

Love them all.

Feel free to post as many scans of these beauties as you see fit!


Will do. Thanks a lot, Darren.

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-22:21

As usual....

 By: E.S : May 9th, 2010-21:31
Great taste and "magnifique" collection Nico
is the strap for JLC also nato?
Where did you get the Nato strap for Rolex sub, if you dont mind please PM me,
the strap looks elegant IMO

Thanks, Ed.

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-22:15

On the JLC, the Strap is not a Nato, but a Tropic ( rubber ).

I'm sorry, I don't know where the strap on the Rolex comes from, but I will investigate, as it absolutely rules.



they all are the same....

 By: Stefan : May 9th, 2010-22:59

WOW, this is an excellent family photo. if you let other lay-person see this pic, i think they would said they look alike.

but to us who are watch lovers, especially if you are "vintage" watch lovers, you would definitely know they are representing their own right, they have their distinct features and life in each of them.

Nico, your pic makes heart and mind jumping around, love to own them all...

congrats, such a nice reunio pic of these 50's watches.


Next step ...Diving Watches from the 60ies... :)

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2010-23:22
Thanks a lot, Stefan, for your nice words.

Best, my friend.


Nice watches, love them all.

 By: VMM : May 10th, 2010-02:55

I really like the Omega, it looks fantastic.  Not to mention the almighty FF.


Superb watches.


Thanks for sharing your beauties.




Vte smile

Did you notice the " air de famille " between the JLC and the Omega?

 By: amanico : May 10th, 2010-03:37

There is so much to love and to admire, with these Vintage watches....

One day, maybe, you will see them all 4 in real?

Hope so!

Best, my friend.


Yes, I love the dial and the patina looks delicious.

 By: VMM : May 10th, 2010-03:50

Would love to and hope so too.


Any news on the European GTG?



Un abrazo.



Vte smile


 By: Miguel V : May 10th, 2010-03:21

This is a very good family!........Congratulations fot these beautiful pieces!


Thanks, Miguel.

 By: amanico : May 10th, 2010-03:38

Fantastic QUARTETO! thanks for sharing! [nt]

 By: nacho m : May 10th, 2010-07:48
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