Do you know the value of your collection?

 By: Uncle Chico : March 18th, 2023-19:09
I recently watched a video of a collector who could cite the purchase price of every piece he presented as well as the current market value. I have to admit, I know what I paid but I honestly have no idea of the current market value. I suppose I could easily determine it but I have never had the interest. I am sure for insurance purposes, high end collectors have to know the value but my attachment is more emotional than monetary. 

Actually yes and easy to do so.... just open an account at CH24 and add details of your watches. Market value will automativcally update.

 By: @lberti : March 18th, 2023-19:22

I think some sites offer this option…

 By: ArmisT : March 18th, 2023-19:28
where you list the pieces you have and it provides their market price.  It’s not a service as opposed to just a functionality on the site like I’ve seen on Chrono24. 

Like you, my attachment is more emotional than monetary. Very well said.

 By: amanico : March 18th, 2023-19:30

+1! ;-)

 By: FabR : March 18th, 2023-19:43


 By: amanico : March 18th, 2023-22:33

I have a rough idea, but I don't check too often since I have no plans of selling anything

 By: andrea~ : March 18th, 2023-19:38


 By: Rei : March 19th, 2023-04:29
Same here

With the exception of my out-of-catalog Pateks, I assume that a rough estimate wouldn't be too hard to determine by looking at past auctions, secondary dealer sites, etc....even if, likewise, I don't really have an interest in doing so! :-)

 By: FabR : March 18th, 2023-19:41
The most important thing for me though is, I badly hope I'll never receive too HIGH of an offer for my 'Boccadasse' (people with homes/castles in that neighborhood of course periodically show interest)....since no matter how crazy an offer is, that will NEVER get sold for as long as I'm around! ;-))

In general, a collector who's always current on the market value of their watches sounds more like an investor than a real collector to each their own, but that'd definitely spoil much of the beauty of this hobby for me, so it's not gonna happen! smile


 By: blau : March 18th, 2023-20:53
Amusingly enough, I was just thinking about it a few minutes ago while in the basement doing laundry. The thought was, "Here I am, an apparently perfectly normal and reasonable human being, doing chores on a Saturday at home. And yet I am somehow also the owner of a $XXXX watch collection."

Hehe similarly, that’s what i think when i drive my 10 year old pick up :-)

 By: Echi : March 19th, 2023-05:46


 By: blau : March 19th, 2023-10:58
I was about to say this has lessened since I got a new car... but then I realized my 'new' Volkswagen is coming on 5 years old. Not so new after all!

A site I visit from time to time

 By: Aquaracer1 : March 18th, 2023-21:18

This gives some indication of market value and what watches have recently sold for. Yes, I have a rough estimate for what my very humble collection is worth