Watchville being retired - does anybody

 By: Gwai : September 22nd, 2022-16:10
here know the background to this? As I have visited Watchville several times a day for the last few years, as I am quite sure several of you have, I am curious to learn more.

P.S. Apparently the app is still being updated while the website version is not.

Because it doesnt make hoedinkee enough money?

 By: Reuven Malter : September 22nd, 2022-18:11

Watchville is being retired

 By: bradleg : September 23rd, 2022-04:47
Hi Marc,

  I'm sadden that Watchville is being retired.  Just like you, I have visited this website a few times daily for the last few years.  I like reading the different perspective on watches from the other websites.  For me it was a one stop shop for watch websites.  I would visit Watchville and this website daily, and that's all I needed for my watch fix.  I'm thinking about bookmarking some of my favorite sites in order to still visit them daily.  I don't think having the Watchville website lessens Hodinkee, it may enhance them because they have to keep up with the competition from the other watch related sites.  


Try this .....

 By: Rapwatch : September 23rd, 2022-13:55 news#latest

as an alternative one stop feed.



 By: bradleg : September 23rd, 2022-17:04
Hi Rapwatch, Thank you for the good look on this website. It is an excellent website, already have it booked marked. HAGWE!

How can we actually have a similar solution? Any idea ?

 By: @lberti : September 23rd, 2022-18:58

Will they replace this app with some other one?

 By: Ronald Held : September 24th, 2022-19:30
Or are we on our own? 

So we now have got these wonderful tips:

 By: MTR : September 26th, 2022-12:31


Thanks to our friends Rapwatch and enjoythemusic!