Watches under the radar: Lemania Majetek.

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-02:45
From the second half of the thirties to the early Forties. 

Less famous than the Longines Majetek, but not less charming nor interesting. 

Watches with charm, soul and history. That's all I like. 



Simple but effective.

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 23rd, 2020-02:49
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 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-03:02
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That’s my kind of watch.

 By: kev09 : November 23rd, 2020-04:47
No fuss, no frills, no gimmicks. Lovely. Regards Kev.

In total agreement .

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-05:28
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this one has it all!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 23rd, 2020-04:48
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And another asset... It is totally under the radar. I love this kind of watches, these hidden treasures .

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-05:29
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Beautiful. My favourite type of watch; hours, minutes and seconds only.

 By: lavrentivs : November 23rd, 2020-07:52
Looks in really good condition for a watch of such age. What are its dimensions?

The same size than a Rolex Submariner 5513.

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-09:02
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Great case shape : )

 By: mdg : November 23rd, 2020-08:18
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Yes! I love it a lot, too.

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-09:02
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