Swiss Customs advice

 By: T Spoon : October 9th, 2019-08:17
Shortly I will be traveling to Geneva from the US and plan to being a couple of watches for service by the manufacturer. Can anyone provide advice on how to properly declare them upon entry?

I suggest you call the Swiss Federal Customs Administration directly and ask them. I am not joking, I have called them before and they are friendly and helpful!

 By: LX : October 9th, 2019-08:31
They once helped me when I wanted to reclaim Swiss VAT when I returned a watch back abroad. .html#customs_contact_cent__content_ezv_en_home_die-ezv_kontakt_jcr_content_par_tabs



 By: maverickmahesh : October 9th, 2019-12:46
the best way to avoid surprises

Thank you for the advice

 By: T Spoon : October 10th, 2019-23:19
I contacted the FCA and they are recommending that I hire a professional firm to complete the paperwork since I plan to hand carry the watches to the maker, but may have them returned via a carrier. They indicated that 8-10% of the value will have to be paid as a guarantee of their future export.

Yes, you must declare all commercial goods ( anything other than on your body ) or it can be very costly ! Please read this watch writers experience ......

 By: Ron_W : October 9th, 2019-11:45


 By: T Spoon : October 10th, 2019-23:21
This story makes me want to invest in a hobby other than wristwatches and just use my iPhone to keep track of time.....

MUST the watch go back to CH for service? If not, have it done by the AD in the US. Not so much fun, but (usually) much less fuss. [nt]

 By: kjkt3 : October 11th, 2019-05:49
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Watch is by an Independent maker

 By: T Spoon : October 13th, 2019-07:50
So no US service facility. I am not interested in having a general watch service center work on them either.

The downside of this hooby to be sure. [nt]

 By: watch-er : October 11th, 2019-07:32
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