NOMOS Glashütte Metro Chronometer Hodinkee

Nov 07, 2016,12:45 PM

Dear All,

happy to share the first photos and impressions of the  NOMOS Glashütte Metro Chronometer for Hodinkee. The watch represents a lot of value: in house movement (alpha) a very pure dial layout (without date 
and power reserve) 38.5mm (and just 7.75mm thick) at a reasonable price. 

What is also pretty special is the official chronometer certification by the Glashütte Observatory:

A very simple and pure design that in my view works well in any situation. 

A notable mention goes also to the box and packaging (this edition also include a second hodinkee suede strap) that is minimalist and very practical. 

At this price level I don't think that you can find any other in-house certified chronometer (worth to mention that the German certification testes the whole watch cased and not just the movement).

Really happy about this watch. Well done Nomos and Hodinkee! 

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I love the Zenith but I'm less seduced by this one...

 By: foversta : November 7th, 2016-14:01
The Metro loses a part of its charm here in my point of view. Just my own feeling but the successful design was based on the perfect integration of the extra displays which reinforced the "metro map" feeling. Here too much purety kills the concept. Thanks... 

thanks FX I understand that it might

 By: christianch : November 7th, 2016-14:05
not be appealing to everyone but in its defense this is pretty much the same as the Metro 38 Datum without the date so not really a loss of charm caused by the special edition (that eliminated the date and added the Chronometer certification). I really li... 

I personally believe this watch is a must have for....

 By: watercolors : November 7th, 2016-14:39
a thinking collector. It fills the gap between an ETA watch and an expensive top of the line piece. This one has very nice lugs and I love the strap, The dial is definitely not a boring one. Thank you for sharing christianch. Wear it in good health. Best ... 

you are welcome Edward..

 By: christianch : November 7th, 2016-14:45
I think it is a very interesting watch for the price point. It shows that an in-house movement and chronometer certification doesn't necessary command some of the prices going around nowadays Of course it cannot be compared to other top of the line pieces... 

I agree....

 By: watercolors : November 7th, 2016-14:50
I think they should scrap the COSC all together, (it costs about $ 750.00 for each watch) and let the manufactures do their own parameters setting. Best Edward

Pretty cool piece

 By: Bounce781 : November 7th, 2016-18:04
Not exactly my cup of tea but I can totally understand the excellent value for money this represents. Wear in good health. Good catch

thanks bounce..

 By: christianch : November 12th, 2016-18:58
the design is certainly something different the chronometer bit got me sold

Congratulations, very nice watch.

 By: VMM : November 8th, 2016-02:42
That is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, and I like it. After reading Hodinkee review I was going to buy it, but it was sold out very fast. When the Metro Gangreserve was launched in 2014, I thought it was a very nice watch, I loved the design, so ... 

thank you, a great watch and you won't be disappointed with

 By: christianch : November 12th, 2016-18:58
the metro (whichever version)

One certainly needs to be quick for these Hodinkee editions...

 By: kolosstt : November 8th, 2016-05:43
...I am on the waitlist but do not have any hopes to be honest. It is a nice Nomos and being Hodinkee branded -riding their popularity waive- might have been the trigger for me. Congrats to your quick finger and enjoy. Cheers, kolosstt

yes really speed is the key here..vs. money in an auction..

 By: christianch : November 12th, 2016-18:58
but this makes it fun in a way thanks Kolosstt

Seems like Hodinkee is on a roll...

 By: KMII : November 11th, 2016-11:40
And you with them First the Zenith, now a Nomos. Find it well executed even if this is not my favourite model from them (am very partial to the 36mm Club myself). Enjoy it and may you wear it in great health!

thanks, well I like the bigger case but

 By: christianch : November 12th, 2016-19:00
surely the 36mm has its own charm. to be honest my only reason to buy a Nomos was this special edition because I feel that the Chronometer bit makes it very special. Zenith was a great catch too (and even more difficult as it was LE 25). Last year there w...