North Star Rising: Curtis Thomson profiles Finnish Watchmaker Kari Voutilainen

 By: Jack Forster : March 25th, 2005-12:24
You may not have heard his name yet but you're sure to hear more of him in the future. Read Curtis Thomson's great article with news about an exciting variation on a classic complication:

click here for details

Enjoy, and leave a note of thanks for Curtis and Kari!

Jack Forster

wowee wow wow wow!! (nt)

 By: et : March 25th, 2005-01:13

don't know how that happened. it's me! (nt)

 By: et : March 25th, 2005-01:13

An excellent article thank you Curtis and yet another

 By: IanS : March 25th, 2005-01:13
AHCI member to look out for.

OMG!!! What an amazing watch... WOW!

 By: : March 25th, 2005-01:13
I very much look forward to seeng it (and hopefully hearing it) in Basel!

Thanks Curtis for this very interesting article.

Thank you Curtis and Mr. Voutilainen. . .

 By: Jack Forster : March 25th, 2005-02:14
. . .this was a really exciting article to read. The Decimal Repeater is one of those ideas that when you hear about it you smack your forehead and wonder why you hadn't thought of that. . . it seems obvious in retrospect but it took great imagination and tremendous skill to bring off. Curtis' article by design focuses on the Decimal Repeater but there is a veritable horological feast here; wish I could see these in person!


truly a masterpiece

 By: ei8htohms : March 25th, 2005-02:14
Hi Curtis,

Thanks so much for this article. His work is a treat for the eyes (and presumably the ears as well) and I very much hope to see it in person some day. I've long dreamed of a decimal repeater and I'm delighted that it's being made by someone with such a clear vision and extraordinary standards of execution. Kudos to you Mr. Voutilainen! A rising star to look out for!


Amazing, in all aspects!

 By: PeterCDE : March 25th, 2005-03:15
Sincere thanks to you and Mr. Voutilainen!
That?s really something; not only this piece is a feat for the eyes and ears, but a new complication that really makes sense.
Kudos to Mr. Voutilainen!

Greetings from germany,


Speechless....this is definitely one of the best novelties in years...

 By: RT : March 25th, 2005-03:15
It is a refresh-looking watch; the movement finish is just about as good as it gets, and the repeating concept IMHO makes much more sense than the current system. Thanks very much Curtis for a great article and my best wishes to Mr. Voutilainen. This is simply amazing; what an original invention!



Very impressive! It's surprising that something

 By: felipe : March 25th, 2005-04:16

so logical and natural (decimal minutes) was never implemented before. I hope I get to see one of those one day! Well done Mr. Voutilainen!!

Nice article and interesting new complication..

 By: Ronald Held : March 25th, 2005-04:16
I wish I could see and hear one live.

Wonderful work. Thanks to Curtis and Mr. Voutilainen. (nt)

 By: reelsmith : March 25th, 2005-05:17

I absolutely agree. A new star is rising. Thank you Mr. Curtis Esq. to bring him to our>

 By: Lord_Arran : March 25th, 2005-08:20

Again, your report is flawless, instructive and brings us all the information we might possibly want.

Warm regards to you and of course Mr. Kari.

Lord Arran

Impressive idea and realisation! A question about the balance...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : March 25th, 2005-11:23
it looks similar to the balance Volker Vyskocil uses in his VA watch. Is this still the original balance from the Louis Audemars base movement or a modification performed by Kari?

Again, impressive concept and superb workmanship. Looking forward to Basel!


what I gather from the article is that he made the balance himself

 By: ei8htohms : March 26th, 2005-12:24
Hi magnus,

The article indicates that the balance is a variable inertia variety made from stainless steel. Certainly not the original Audemars balance and I assume made by Mr. Voutilainen himself. The design (and that used by Volker) is not completely uncommon for handcrafted and/or one-off pieces, similar designs having been used by Anthony Randall, Derek Pratt, George Daniels and others I believe.


Correct-a-mundo... Kari made the balance himself... others have used this design, too. -nt

 By: Curtis for David Lou : March 28th, 2005-12:24

Stunning watch!

 By: MaxH : March 26th, 2005-01:01
Many thanks for the well written article for bringing Kari to my attention
Best regards,

What a fine watch! Would that I could own one! (nt)

 By: Jack : March 26th, 2005-12:24

Stunning....truly an artist.....I would only...

 By: mdg : March 26th, 2005-08:20
beg him to consider inverting the "IV" and "VIII" in the manner of older clock designs. To me this yields the most harmonious and balanced dials. I love the engraving on the back. That element in itself shows a dedication to even the finest details.

Great job Curtis. Kari is definitively a man to watch in future (nt)

 By: Mark Schmid : March 27th, 2005-10:10

Aha........ now it makes sense >>

 By: MTF : March 27th, 2005-08:20
Thanks Curtis and Kari for showing this new idea.

As an avowed agnostic of traditional minute repeaters, the concept of real-world sensible decimal repeater may make a convert of me after all.

The other issue is patience, of which I have little. Only 5 pieces and goodness knows when delivery time is.......hmmm.


Thanks guys...

 By: Curtis for David Lou : March 28th, 2005-12:24
Hi all,

Thanks for all the kind words and, as a side note, our very own Jack Forster coined the term "Decimal Repeater" when editing my poor spelling and grammar. Nicely done, Jack!



Thanks Jack for your ongoing contribution to this site, greatly appreciated!. nt

 By: RT : March 28th, 2005-08:20

Thanks guys, Curtis is being very kind. . .

 By: Jack Forster : March 29th, 2005-07:07
. . .I suspect that over the last couple of years I've gotten a lot more out of him than he has from me, including some very patient explanation of the technical side of horology which has often allowed me to sound like I know what I'm talking about .


If Jack coined the tern Decimal repeater then

 By: IanS : March 30th, 2005-05:05
what was it called before then ? Did it have a specific name or has no-one even thought to do this so it had no name ?

This is a first...

 By: Curtis for David Lou : March 30th, 2005-02:14
Hi Ian,

There are minute repeaters, 5 minute repeaters, quarter repeaters and half quarter repeaters, but never a 10 minute repeater until Kari's watch. Kari and I were refering to it as a 10 minute repeater until Jack made his spot on suggestion.



Stunning absolutely superb!! I'm happy to se that new

 By: alex : March 29th, 2005-01:01
and interesting complications can be shown without them being a tourbillon!

A great maker arrives..

 By: David Walter : March 29th, 2005-03:15
........on the scene, another great article Curtis, it good to see Kari's work is so original with such a great finish, I wish him much success at Basel


Saw it...held it...heard it

 By: JDP : April 5th, 2005-07:07
This is THE watch at Basel this year (in my opinion). It was the absolute highlight of my trip. Mr. Voutilainen is a wonderfully patient and gracious man. It was a distinct honor to meet him and talk to him about the development and distribution of this stunning watch.

The AHCI booth was just a wonderful place to hang around.

Thanks for the feedback. I think the sky's the limit for Kari. Cheers! -nt

 By: Curtis for David Lou : April 5th, 2005-03:15
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