All because you like to wear brown pants ! 😂

 By: Jay (Eire) : January 13th, 2022-14:03

Well Jay, no it’s not brown pants, it’s that I wanted a brown dial Watch!

 By: : January 14th, 2022-00:11
Watch itself is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to other independence, not to mention a Patek 5711 so I liked the value proposition and the unique dial as well. The matching of colors is my deal… Jim

Your outfit matches the brown dial Parmigiana perfectly! Enjoy the beauty in good health. Best, Henry

 By: joenghenry : January 13th, 2022-14:21

Nice that you notice Henry, I was trying for that look. luckily I am in very good health and if that keeps up

 By: : January 14th, 2022-00:12
I will wear this watch for a very long time…Jim

Very nice of you to say Henry

 By: : January 15th, 2022-03:23
I’m going to have Oliver Smith make me matching bracelet… Jim

Hi, Jim. I’m actually thinking of getting this beauty for myself too. Could you share with us the movement shot if the PF044 inside please? Thank you. Henry

 By: joenghenry : January 16th, 2022-06:08

Matching good looks!

 By: penang1974 : January 13th, 2022-14:33

Thanks for the compliment

 By: : January 14th, 2022-00:13
The watch is really the star of the show, just trying to show it off… Jim

Thank you for noticing matching

 By: : January 15th, 2022-03:23
I’m still wearing the watch today… Jim

Looks great Jim and nice match 👍

 By: holdemchamp1225 : January 13th, 2022-15:31

Hi Justin, as I get older

 By: : January 14th, 2022-00:15
Taking care of oneself and dressing properly for an occasion seems to be more important. Hope all is well, we’re coming over to Europe this summer if we can maybe we could hook up?… Jim

You wear it very well Jim and perfect match with your outfit!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 13th, 2022-16:20

Chronometer the watch fit perfectly

 By: : January 14th, 2022-00:18
On my wrist, it’s a 40 mm watch but with the bracelet wears is larger, the bracelet is very comfortable and since I’m in the Roto-Rooter business brown, is my bread and butter…Jim

Very happy for you Jim!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 14th, 2022-00:36

Thank you… Jim

 By: : January 15th, 2022-03:22

very cool watch and color combination

 By: christianch : January 15th, 2022-01:16
it looks great on you ! also a watch that you can wear in many occasions casual/elegant with a good water resistance ! well done 🦾

Very nice of you to say Christianvh

 By: : January 15th, 2022-03:22
I’m still wearing it, being in the business on me and brown is one of my favorite colors, it’s kind of like my bread and butter smile…Jim
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