By: Halcro : July 16th, 2021-09:36

I bought an Agelocer Skeleton Tourbillon from AliExpress and it exceeded all my expectations......

Firstly the quality......impeccable! And that's looking through a lupe with a critical eye.

Secondly the Design and Appearance.......I like it 👍

And Thirdly the Timekeeping......super accurate

This is a happy story....😍

That's a beauty

 By: BIDI : July 16th, 2021-09:47
I love the dial, so beautiful. Enjoy my friend and wear in good health and wealth.

Thanks BIDI...... I hope to obey your instructions 🤗

 By: Halcro : July 16th, 2021-09:51


 By: iceheller : July 16th, 2021-13:30

Clean and good looking!

 By: dte2 : July 16th, 2021-13:56
Nice alternative to Roger Dubuis

Very nice, usually chinese tourbillons are poorly finished, this one looks great. One thing though how wide is it, they tend to like very large watches (43mm+) ? The Swiss need not to rest on its laurels ! on their

 By: montres1 : July 16th, 2021-14:08

Looks like quality finish, esp for the price

 By: mhz vph : July 16th, 2021-15:31
Though if it’s like other products on AliExpress, you’re rolling the dice when it comes to whether or not you get a good example. Perhaps that stereotype doesn’t apply here... If there are other owners of this model, please sound off!


 By: Weems@8 : July 16th, 2021-16:27
Normally a watch with that specs cost a house.
Now you can buy a house, and wear your ali haute horology.

It is i mus kick on that kind of watches to buy the same as you have. But it’s fun.

I never thought of buying because i can not buy such an expensive watch.
I think of buying a tourbillon watch, but it have a dial. Ulysse Nardin Marine tourbillon.

Sounds like a steal. Tell us more about ownership experience in due course.

 By: fernando : July 17th, 2021-05:30

looks just like the angelus

 By: Dchang81 : July 17th, 2021-17:35

Wow, super sick piece 💥

 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 22nd, 2021-20:38