Nomos Metro Neomatik 41 UpDate

 By: chintu : April 7th, 2021-10:23
Nomos has released a new model of Metro with a date chapter around the perimeter. The orange date-ring allows rapid setting in both directions without any risk to the movement. The dial is clean and uncluttered. Nomos’s in-house DUW 6101 does the work here. The steel case is almost bezel-less and reminiscent of the old times, with nice wire-lugs. Syringe hands are precisely aligned and the dial without any hour markers,  is balanced with a seconds subregister. Elegant and right priced ( €4660) are the words that come to my mind at first glance.

Nomos 1165 Metro Neomatik Update

Now that's what I call a smart date!

 By: amanico : April 7th, 2021-10:35
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My favorite kind too 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 8th, 2021-17:16
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 By: amanico : April 10th, 2021-00:55
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Bauhaus in a dial

 By: Flanker : April 7th, 2021-11:35
Very good in terms of design, although it could be better in 40 mm IMHO.

It's interesting that you describe the dial as uncluttered

 By: jiggerly-cool : April 7th, 2021-12:00
...because when I first saw it I thought, "aaack, there's too much going on there" -- somewhat odd to me since it's a Nomos.

Another thing about Metros, but this could just be me: I sometimes need to do a double-take to ascertain the time.  Maybe I get confused because the needle parts of both syringe hands seem the same length.

Perhaps if the needle were a tad shorter on the hour hand, to keep the relative proportions of the hour and minute hands' bodies, I'd be able to tell the time faster.

I took a second look..

 By: chintu : April 7th, 2021-19:14
The syringe hands are signature Nomos design. The minute hand needle edge rests precisely on the minute-dot marker and is properly distinguishable from the short hour syringe.
IMHO the use of the peripheral date ring leaves the dial without extra apertures or sub-dials and avoids a pointer indicator as well. Hence my remark of it being “uncluttered”.

Of course if one was to compare  with a Lambda, which is devoid of any indications except time; then in relative terms, the Metro dial can be called as cluttered.

This was another one that caught my attention today.

 By: Jay (Eire) : April 7th, 2021-17:37
My guess is that it will wear a little big with the wire lugs.  


 By: chintu : April 7th, 2021-19:58
MSRP is USD 4660.

In this example, what is the date?

 By: Mostel : April 8th, 2021-15:52
The 2nd or 3rd? And if I have to ask?

It's clever and original-ish... but... time/date should be a glance and done/ imho, even if a new idea...

The exact date is flanked..

 By: chintu : April 8th, 2021-23:59
..on either side by the orange backlight. I guess the wearer gets used to intuitively reading after a couple of times. This is true of the perimeter based date display of watches like zeitwerk or for that matter the reading of time on a regulator display.


 By: Mostel : April 9th, 2021-18:38
OK, so in pic it is the 3rd?

Yes indeed

 By: chintu : April 9th, 2021-18:57
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