Finally strapped a watch on today! Hope weekend is nice for all.

 By: EdTonkin : November 21st, 2020-14:26

Great choice!

 By: kkochheiser : November 21st, 2020-14:38
Under rated but really nice!


An original and nice choice Ed, it made me go and take a look at this brand's interesting history and online catalog! Thanks for sharing.

 By: FabR : November 21st, 2020-14:59
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Nice one! Bucherer makes some very appealing pieces.

 By: BigAppleBill : November 21st, 2020-15:39
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That is a really good looking watch you have Ed.

 By: Mario : November 22nd, 2020-04:01
Never seen that one before.

Great combo.

 By: aWtchslvr : November 22nd, 2020-05:41
Not the most popular brand but, here is mine.

I love that bezel

 By: aperna : November 22nd, 2020-06:14
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