Having let my GEN2 away last summer in which to facilitate a grail I tried this one on yesterday thinking 41 would just be perfect but....

 By: Onemorewatch : October 14th, 2018-03:24
I have to say I’d take the blue big date GEN2 every day of the week..

Imho the silver dial is the weakest of the current collection.

 By: nafetS : October 14th, 2018-04:07
I didn't buy an overseas until they've releases the threehander with the black dial. I also prefer it over the watches of the Gen before.

I‘ll wait until they release the Ultra-Thin in stainless steel with brown or blue dial, yummy!

 By: datograph : October 14th, 2018-04:24

Don't think that's gonna happen ;-) [nt]

 By: nafetS : October 14th, 2018-04:28
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Then I‘ll have to pass over Vacheron Constantin... :(

 By: datograph : October 14th, 2018-04:40
I like the watch more than any other sports watch but this is a chunky piece of fine shit in my eyes.

222 reissue in Historiques line-up... how does that sound?

The new Overseas line is growing on me.........

 By: TonyR : October 14th, 2018-07:33
But it's hard to get a better dial layout than what the 2nd gen chronograph has. Its liked VC flipped the issue that the 2nd gen three hander had with the awkward date position and moved it to the 3rd gen chronograph. They also eliminated the guilloche dail that added a lot to the look and what I thought was one of the line's signature attributes. The Nautilus and Royal Oaks have had different dial colors over the years but both models have not really changed dial patterns all that much since the 70's. I was hoping VC would have followed AP & PP lead of consistency and kept the guilloche on the dials.

In any event, getting back to your point, I think most people agree that VC would have been better off not having a date at the 4.30 position on either variant. With all that being said I own and love a 2nd gen Overseas and am still eyeing one of those blue or brown dial 3rd gen chronographs. I can get over the date positioning it's just a little frustrating because to my eye VC really missed an opportunity to nail the redesign and didn't.


 By: Mikesr  : October 15th, 2018-15:09
I had the blue one. Top picture. Traded it, I’m so sorry I did.

I guess I'm in the minority...

 By: logan2z : October 26th, 2018-06:21
I much prefer the Gen 3 chronograph to the Gen 2.  While I like big date complications (I have a GO Senator Observer), the choice of font for the date window on the Gen 2 has always struck me as odd and out of place on the watch.  I also much prefer the case shape of the Gen 3.  The blue dial on the Gen 3 is gorgeous (I really loved the brown dial too, something a little different) and the strap changing mechanism is ingenious.  Really hard to fault the watch in my opinion, and the 4:30 date window doesn't really bother me at all. . I may have preferred if it matched the dial color more closely so that it wasn't so prominent, but not a show stopper.  

FWIW, I walked around a local luxury watch dealer yesterday and tried on a variety of watches but the Gen. 3 chronograph was the only one that left a lasting impression, and I've had it on the wrist many times before...

Gen 3

 By: Jurry : October 27th, 2018-06:48
I very much prefer the Gen 3 chrono over the Gen 2. The 2 is bit chunky and looks heavy compared to the 3

If you’re a fan of big date than the 3 won’t help you but personally I’m not a fan of big dates.

I have the Gen 3 chrono with blue dial. Absolutely perfect
For the 3 hand the black dial is superb (buying one)

Whether or not one appreciates the history back to the 222 is in my view not that important. Great marketing but it’s 2018

The ultra thin in steel? I would agree that it’s unlikely to happen but since the introduction of the 1954 in steel at 10K, I wouldn’t be surprised either

The 3rd Gen chrono is a full 1 mm plus thicker than the 2nd Gen chrono........

 By: TonyR : October 28th, 2018-18:57
13.7mm vs 12.4mm. I owned the 2nd gen chrono and have tried a silver dial 3 Gen Chronograph on, the difference in thickness between the two is noticable. The in-house movement made the 3rd gen chunkier. Now I do like the 3rd generation three hander better than the previous model. The size and thickness (11mm) are about perfect for a sports watch.

That blue dial gen2 is really great.

 By: descartes1 : November 20th, 2018-19:49
My only issue with it is the poor water resistance, which is contrary to the concept of a sport chrono with screw down pushers. Case back should have been screw down.

150mm water resistance is poor?

 By: shafran : April 1st, 2019-02:38
Royal oak and aquanaut/nautilus are not more.

Mm or M? :))) [nt]

 By: amanico : April 1st, 2019-02:39
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True and a fair point [nt]

 By: descartes1 : April 1st, 2019-06:56
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I have a gen 2 chronograph

 By: shafran : April 5th, 2019-09:48
I prefer the gen 3  three hander and the gen three dual time zone to the gen 2, but in the chrono, I prefer the gen 2 layout.  I think they should have updated to the new bezel , dial but left the old layout. Also the gen 3 chrono is just a little too thick.