Look at this marvelous 1972 high-speed design UN!

 By: Marcus Hanke : May 31st, 2011-13:05
Our visitor Hertie kindly permitted me to show his pictures of this great 1972 design watch, which is a well sought-after gem made by Ulysse Nardin. Hertie's pics are marvelous, and show all detilas of this timepiece!

Case dimensions: ca. 36 x 31mm, weight: 137 grams

patented monocoque case

The movement, cal. NB 11 QU (ETA 2826), with 36,000 A/h and chronometer certificate


Wow, now that is very cool!

 By: Davo : May 31st, 2011-14:24
Thanks for sharing, Markus!


 By: Timewarp : June 1st, 2011-03:40

Is this a Zenith caliber?

No, high-beat movements were quite popular these times ....

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 1st, 2011-04:05
... and Zenith was but one of the brands experimenting with the 36,000 A/h frequency. The dogma was: the quicker, the more accurate, but the problems with lubricants being centrifuged away from the arbors and pallets at this speed brought most manufacturers to the slower 28,800 A/h.

Besides A. Schild, Longines and Zenith it was especially the ETA that modified some of its calibers with a faster beat escapement, the most successful of these being the ETA 2826, which is also the base for the UN shown here in this thread.



 By: Timewarp : June 1st, 2011-04:11

Thanks Marcus on the valuable info. Appreciate.

Has some appeal. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : June 1st, 2011-07:49

So 70ties so cool

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : June 1st, 2011-11:05
and even cooler if we know how quartz was strong then
Great piece
Thank you for sharing

very retro/modern

 By: playtime : June 1st, 2011-20:27
the 60s and 70s offered some of the most gorgeous designssmile

thx for sharing


It still commands good prices today ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : June 2nd, 2011-04:14
... last time I noticed one being sold at Ebay, it went for 1,500 Euros. The condition was worse than the piece shown by Hertie above. However, today, a similar case construction would cost a substantial sum, and for the 4,500 Euros, such a watch would be probably priced today, I doubt it would find enough buyers to make its production a good business.


great funky looking piece, typical 70's

 By: G99 : June 9th, 2011-13:25

i had the chance of buying one a few years ago and regret not buying it, but thats life.

a real retro looker(a bit like me smile )


A sibling on the wrist...

 By: Tim Jackson : June 10th, 2011-10:57
I acquired this many moons ago, come with it's original hang tag and COSC chronometer paper...