Fields of dreams...

 By: cshimokita : August 5th, 2022-01:18

walking in the wilds of Nagano Prefecture...

01) Having an ice cream at the カフェ オンブラージュ (Cafe on the links), overlooking the 軽井沢プリンスホテルゴルフコース (Karuizawa Prince Hotel Golf Course)...

02) 高峰高原 (Takamine Highland) at 2,000m, enjoying the fresh air and view even with the clouds hanging a little low...

03) A farmer checking his fields near Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture...

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Different fields bring different dreams.

 By: Steve E : August 5th, 2022-01:58

I like #3. A reminder of where food comes from, and the sometimes fragile dependencies a farmer lives with.
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The fresh vegetables in Nagano are a real treat...

 By: cshimokita : August 11th, 2022-13:39
much better than the store bought in the big city... we have a small veg garden behind the house... it will be much bigger next year \(ツ)/ Casey .
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And I am drawn to number two — the lavender colored wild flowers. Calming.

 By: orahu : August 5th, 2022-02:01
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it was wonderfully cool at that elevation...

 By: cshimokita : August 11th, 2022-13:42
I have to do some photos of our yard... all the flowers and trees that we have had planted, it's taken some time, but it's really lovely (IMHO). Casey .
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My fav is #2. The kind of place that I would like to visit.

 By: S F : August 6th, 2022-17:09
Great play of DOF with the tree trunks in photo #1.
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it was a misty day when we stopped by the golf course...

 By: cshimokita : August 11th, 2022-13:44
loved the green and the ice cream was excellent \(ツ)/ Casey .
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Nagano looks lovely in the summer

 By: EinPa : August 11th, 2022-14:22
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I have visited the Japan Northern Alps in both winter and summer...

 By: cshimokita : August 12th, 2022-00:11
very close, it's a part of Nagano that I haven't visited recently... although we can see the snow capped peaks. Casey .
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