A few more

 By: Echi : February 6th, 2020-22:33
Thanks for looking.

Very impressive photos, my friend. Bravo. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 6th, 2020-22:45
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Merci mon ami :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:08

Just excellent...

 By: cshimokita : February 7th, 2020-00:24

Nice technique on the first photograph... beautiful sunstars... one of the guys in the photo... foreground and mountain ridges... I  wish I had been there.

Such lovely landscape with all the pine trees... looks like tea in the third photo.

You guys had a great time... thanks for the look-see.


Thanks, Casey! (Nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:08

Beautiful pictures.

 By: VMM : February 7th, 2020-01:23


Thank you, Vicente (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:06

Very atmospheric pictures, thank you for sharing [nt]

 By: IWC3751 : February 7th, 2020-03:32
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My pleasure :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:06

Wonderful! Crispy, clean, superb B&W! [nt]

 By: fernando : February 7th, 2020-06:16
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Thank you :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:06

Very clean

 By: EinPa : February 7th, 2020-07:22
Looks like a very nice lens and full frame sensor?
Love how crisp this captures!!!
Well done. (Oh and the composition is great too- especially the last one)

Thank you. Yes on the lens and the sensor :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:05

Is this a Leica?

 By: EinPa : February 8th, 2020-19:10
Very curious to know what you are using.

Yes. Monochrom (M246) and 21mm Super Elmar (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-19:14

I knew it ! You can tell that cameras output a mile away.

 By: EinPa : February 8th, 2020-22:47
Just awesome.

Nice shots!

 By: le_chef : February 7th, 2020-07:57
Great atmospheric capture!

On the first shot you could get rid of the two internal lens reflections with a bit of work in LightRoom/Capture One if you wanted.

Thank you. Did notice those two ..

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:05
Just as how I probably left a couple of sensor dust here and there in the other photos but too lazy to clone them out. A different story for exhibits though smile

Stunning images!

 By: Geo : February 7th, 2020-12:31
I am not a black & white man, but your work inspires me to give it a try.
And I realize it's harder than color.

I'm a big fan of your very tasteful wristhots so any comment from you is quite welcome..

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-18:01
Color can be a seductive crutch. Sometimes, folks convert color to b

Like the clear

 By: Quan : February 7th, 2020-19:19
layering of #1 n 2, very pleasing to me as a viewer.

Thanks Raul for sharing

Glad you like it :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 8th, 2020-17:55

Beautiful. Love the first one. Beautifully handled.

 By: Blansky : February 9th, 2020-06:38
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Thank you. (Nt)

 By: Echi : February 9th, 2020-18:43

Terrific exposures! [nt]

 By: descartes1 : February 9th, 2020-19:03
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Thank you :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 10th, 2020-19:15

I like how in the first two photos the background almost disappears into the mist.

 By: TheMadDruid : February 10th, 2020-12:50
Mystical. Like another dimension that may or may not be accessible.

Thanks, Padj. That's how I felt exactly when I was there :-) (nt)

 By: Echi : February 10th, 2020-19:14