I agree

 By: Simon_Ford : August 7th, 2019-00:22
I agree, and it had a lumed dot in it as well

It is actually quite nicely wrought

 By: batholith : August 24th, 2019-13:55
I was surprised by that second hand as well as by the general finish. Certainly, it is not as delicately finished as the hands on a Kikuchi Nakagawa or even a Grand Seiko, but, for the price, very nice. It's a part of my lineup of watches for this week and I'm quite enjoying wearing it for my normal daily activities.

Very nice collection

 By: Simon_Ford : August 24th, 2019-14:15
That's a very nice collection, I agree the second hand really stands out, nice to meet a fellow owner, thank you for showing the collection,

Thank you, Simon [nt]

 By: batholith : August 24th, 2019-15:26
No message body


 By: Mr.Gatsby : July 30th, 2020-09:38
I’m sorry but everything looks mambo jambo to me. Firstly, I do not understand the product. Why is the watch named Yue Fei? Is he being commemorated ? If he is, why commemorate with a watch? I do not see the link. Secondly (and this feels really weird), why is there Guan Yu and King Guo Jian in the picture (or rather, in the dial)? These three historical blokes are from different dynasties. So what does King Guo Jian’s sword, Guan Yu’s big blade have anything to do with Yue Fei? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I cannot help but feel the historical importance of these important people have been diluted and cheapened to help sell a product which has little or zero meaning. The design also looks like a quickly put together concept that resembles a mish mash of some mainstream sports watches. I don’t know why, but I am frowning and shaking my head profusely. Sorry if this reply offends you but for some reason I feel offended seeing this lol. I am only enthused when I see a well thought out product that the maker is passionate about. What really irks me is how the Chinese heritage and history is being misused here. There is no relevance. Zero relevance. Nought. Nothing. Zilch. Kosong (Malay word for nothing)!

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