By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:28
Please place bugs here as replies to this post. Rather than creating separate threads for each bug.

FIXED: iPhone - does not show new post on completion

 By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:29
iPad does.

FIXED Edit screen ttle not showing second line.

 By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:31
Both versions

FIXED: Aborting an image upload causes crash

 By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:33
Hitting the back button whilst an upload is in progress works - but it fails to load the image on the next try.

FIXED: Administrator delete fails

 By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:33

FIXED Posts with just a title end up having the default text for the body.

 By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:34
Enter your post text

FIXED: Waterfall display not refreshing correctly after post edit or a new reply has been added.

 By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:35
Enter your post text

Slowly right thumb the text of a post on waterfall display

 By: Bill : March 16th, 2014-08:36
You can make the text disappear wait a few seconds and it crashes.

I did this on the top right thread in a waterfall display.

You can do it in any position see picture below with missing ap text caused by slow thumb movement across the text.

FIXED: Crash on holding down post in waterfall

 By: carl : March 16th, 2014-13:32
Sorry dude - I got over zealous and deleted your bug.

Currently it is not showing as selected. There is an ios bug with the whole selected logic. It's no biggie as as soon as you touch it you are off....

I see the text disappear - can't make it crash though.

 By: carl : March 16th, 2014-11:30
What are you doing to make it crash? I think the white text is the selection colour - I can change that to match the other. More worrying is the crash though.

FIXED: The red counter on my post does not go down

 By: Bill : March 17th, 2014-17:25
Should we zero the number once visited or should it drop as you read.

For now neither seems to be happening.


Just wait a few seconds after the text disappears [nt]

 By: Bill : March 16th, 2014-11:32
No message body

Fixed: My posts with responses

 By: Bill : March 17th, 2014-17:28
When I look at mine I see the same threads over and over showing up.

I assume it is supposed to be showing me the five responses to my thread but it is rather confusing seeing the same thread over and over.

I will look and see where I land when I click on the thread in each instance.

I see it. How did you find that?

 By: carl : March 16th, 2014-11:34

Just modified this

 By: carl : March 19th, 2014-07:24
To show the most recent child responses to your posts.

It will now also scroll through historic posts.

I think this works way better. See what you think. You'll need the latest build.

Cool thing is I'm replying to this post using my responses button.


 By: Bill : March 19th, 2014-14:09

Fixed: Yup it takes you to the top of the thread so you don't know who you are to respond to

 By: Bill : March 17th, 2014-17:30
The child post work fine but I guess we should exclude the parent somehow.

This is also fixed by the above [nt]

 By: carl : March 19th, 2014-07:24
No message body

Search in the forums

 By: Bill : March 17th, 2014-17:36
Are we going to have a choice to pull down the water fall to refresh and if we hold it the search field appears.

This is a difficult ui issue

 By: carl : March 19th, 2014-07:26
It will just look and feel weird to the user Having two search boxes on the one screen with no obvious distinction.. If we really need to limit it to a forum. It might be better to have it on the action menu.

FIXED: We need to show users post here I think

 By: Bill : March 17th, 2014-17:45

Fixed: On a communications failure on boot

 By: carl : March 18th, 2014-07:43
Messages are good but app ends up in a place where it's not obvious as to what is the next step.

Can mimic it by taking out the server in the hosts file.

If you are responding to a post choose camera then flip the ipad

 By: Bill : March 20th, 2014-18:38
When you flip it loose comms or some thing and the the two frames expand.  It did not crash I was able to back out but I had a few blank screens and then refreshed a few times.

So rotating the device while responding.

Good one.

 By: carl : March 21st, 2014-05:01
Needs to be able to rotate for a landscape image. But then needs to recover. I'll take a look.

FIXED: Images linked. If you click on an image you get into alligators. [nt]

 By: Bill : March 20th, 2014-19:04
No message body

Need to filter out all hrefs from the display window.

 By: carl : March 21st, 2014-05:03
If there is something you wanted to look at you could then use the open in browser link.

FIXED: Editors picks not working when selected from forum list on ipjpne [nt]

 By: carl : March 26th, 2014-15:56
No message body

FIXED: Editors picks iPhone needs to hide the create thread button. [nt]

 By: carl : March 26th, 2014-15:57
No message body

FIXED: iPhone: rolling back from the post screen to the thread view highlights the wrong post [nt]

 By: carl : March 26th, 2014-15:59
No message body

FIXED: iPhone search needs to place you on the post view

 By: carl : March 26th, 2014-16:01
As you may not be able to find the post in a long thread easily.

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