By: carl : March 15th, 2014-15:28
Please place bugs here as replies to this post. Rather than creating separate threads for each bug.

YouTube video embedded on a post

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : March 14th, 2015-09:32
Has no sound when played on the iOS app. Check out Mike's Latest Montblanc video for eg. I turned on sound to max but still silent when the video is played from this app


Works for me on iphone 6

 By: Bill : March 14th, 2015-11:01
And works on ipad.

So the problem does not seem to be the app

Ok thanks Bill

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : March 15th, 2015-18:00
I will try again from another iOS device


This isn't a bug but a suggestion - video icon

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 14th, 2015-15:22
Is there anyway to have a video icon for posts that have an embedded video?

Like how there is a camera icon for posts that have pictures?

Re: 1/ Consistency/ Behavior of index-numbers in grey & blue " bubbles" on Forum level -- 2/ Time stamp difference(s) between Forum level ( indicated last reply) and actual thread level for this given entry

 By: hs111 : March 19th, 2015-02:55
Re: 1/ Consistency/ Behavior of index-numbers in grey & blue " bubbles" on Forum level -- 2/ Time stamp difference(s) between Forum level ( indicated last reply/entry) and actual thread level for this given entry

After some test use, including switching back & forth between Forum level and Thread level, noticed several inconsistencies ( or unclear behaviour) for:
A/ displayed/ passed time ( retrograde) and actual time, when this entry was made ;
B/ likewise the entry count in the grey bubbles (also blue bubble behavior ?) and its behaviour are unclear to me:

ad A/ as seen in pic-example 1+2 the ( delta) time for my entry is given with 0s, while in reality it was several hours : this is only true for the Forum level vs thread ;
at thread or post level it looks ok.

- Q1: is the reference time still the server time @ PST ?

ad B/ examples 3 +4 show a number of posts - in the grey " bubble" with" n entries, while when opening the thread the number is different, when manually counting the post-entries. When returning to prev level, it again shows different count .
- Along that line, the number displayed at Forum level, corresponds neither
to total replies nor to read or unread ones.
Q 2: what is the principle for changing the counter numbers ( in the grey bubble) ?
- and within the blue bubble ?
Q 3: is the number of h,m,d the delta time of last entry ? ( I suppose) or/and
4/ how would I know on the Forum level, the time of First post by the author ?
- it's clear to me, that when OPENING the first post in the thread ( and for each entry),
the actual time stamp is given with mm/ss/yyyy plus time stamp, upper left
( time of server, it looks); that is ok.

C/ Pls find enclosed some screenshots to illustrate the major points:
please note the time stamps and time differentials,
and the 2 " bubble"-count(s), within grey & blue

ad A/ Time discrepancies:
Shown here: Forum level:

Note: (Passed) time is given with 0 sec (!?)

Note: post-level - individual has server time-stamp,
thread level - now shows 2h (?!)

ad B/ post count in grey/blue bubbles:
- in Forum view : no 21 given, although by manual count in thread is 24 entries
Further more, neither the read nor unread post-entries correspond to # 21
[ Also: Time-differential has increased to 11h - ? ]

Note: entry-counter shows 21, actual count, manual at thread level 24;
also note: now increased time differential (?)

Hope, that helps for description: normally it's not of paramount
importance to know the correct time of last entry (?),
but a correct first posting time helps in judging the actuality
of the thread.; likewise the last entry can be helpful.

(I'm still struggling a bit with systematic indication of only time-differentials, but learned, that's because of Instagram integration..). The individual post on left panel
is depicting time-stamp ( of server)

Thank you, in advance,
Best, hs

This message has been edited by hs111 on 2015-03-19 03:05:29

This is a difficult one.

 By: carl : March 19th, 2015-03:55
Blue/grey bubbles.

The number in the blue/grey bubble is the number of responses to that thread at the time the thread listing was retrieved by the app from the server. If you stay within a forum for a period of time then this number can go stale, as other responses may be generated whilst you are reading the thread. The thread listing is not refreshed unless you exit the forum, pull down to refresh the threads or in certain circumstances make a change to a thread. The forums list is refreshed in the background periodically(this can be disabled in settings) or every time the app comes to the foreground if you have switched away from the app.

The delta time.

As above.

These two items are meant for guidance. But I see how leaving the device and coming back to a stale listing can result in something that can be counter intuitive. Updating the delta displayed on the device is one way of easing the problem. It is non trivial though. Will think about this one.

Thanks for taking the time to offer you thoughts. It is much appreciated.

Thx a lot kindly for this quick reply !.. Very much appreciated, also. - It's now much clearer, when understanding the underlying mechanisms & rationale.

 By: hs111 : March 19th, 2015-04:34
Probably I'll play along a bit, and change in Settings, the pattern for refreshing..

Thx again and let me say, that I've already started to use the App almost every day, sometimes in comparison with the Safari-based Browser,
- I find it really nice, and the UI overall very intuitive.

Also your hint with mailing in reply-posts was helpful; just have to fine-tune this for me
a bit more for threads, containing several images.

Best, indeed appreciate all of the team's work !

This message has been edited by hs111 on 2015-03-19 04:35:20

Thank you for all your feedback. It is very helpful and we are thankful.. [nt]

 By: Bill : March 19th, 2015-10:02
No message body

My pleasure, Bill !.. Again, the Apple Dev Team has to be congratulated, to what already has been achieved ! :))

 By: hs111 : March 19th, 2015-11:52
Indeed, enjoying to further explore this platform .

My very Best, hs

In news central, all my posts do not show up as justified format

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 22nd, 2015-18:04
On my iPad mini. They all show up as left justified instead of justified.

Can u check?

Re: Text behaviour in Title field. - Scrolling ability for the text lines

 By: hs111 : March 27th, 2015-00:20
- when entering more than 2 lines into the title field, the text is not scrolling any more.
This makes a correction in upper line practically impossible, as one cannot place the cursor into a line/word which is on top and not currently in display.

I know, one maybe should not make the title too long, but just felt it might be nice.
Otherwise, currently all runs pretty smoothly,
Best, hs

You can just scroll the title field up or down.

 By: carl : April 13th, 2015-14:15
At least on the latest internal version....

Thx, just now received the latest version ! - will try it out here with these lines: well, actually the title line shouldn't be too long anyway.. - in my version once I'm in line 3, can't scroll upwards (to line1).

 By: hs111 : April 15th, 2015-10:09
But maybe, I'm doing something wrong (?)..

Thx kindly in advance,

PS: my just received version is 1.6 (38)This message has been edited by hs111 on 2015-04-15 10:11:37

I'm using the same version as you and it works on both iPad and iPhone. You just place your finger in the title text area and drag it up or down.

 By: carl : April 15th, 2015-10:40
Even works under edit too

Ok, thx Carl !.. I'll try it right away. - Line-1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Line-2 yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - Line-3

 By: hs111 : April 15th, 2015-10:55
Sorry to say, I have re-tried, but still couldn't scroll up ( eg from line-3 to line-1).

I'm doing as suggested, and also consistent with the UI,
but doesn't work for me, yet.

Thx kindly, anyway !
Best, hs

PS: I use the iPad in horizontal orientation, of course
- will test behaviour on iPhone, as well

title line scrolling - Test on iPhone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. - Line-2 yyyyyyyyyy - Line-3 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. - Line-4

 By: hs111 : April 15th, 2015-11:07
Same result for me, Sorry again !

PS: But thx a lot for providing the new release;
- so nice to have it back !! smile smile

A test

 By: Bill : April 15th, 2015-22:47

Two points for me. More than 7 or 8 words is a long title. And I am still on line now this has scrolled to two at I am. Should I keep typin it now disappear line 3 hidden now I put my finger the title box to scroll

 By: Bill : April 15th, 2015-22:53
Yes it dos not scroll. But that is a crazy long title so for me not a bug two lines is a big enough title.

Yes, you're right !.. Was just a little interesting..

 By: hs111 : April 16th, 2015-05:29
Maybe one simply restricts it to 2 lines (xx characters), and Basta.
Conceptually cursor could also simply jump to 1st text line ..

But yes, again.. Maybe just not worth the effort !

Thx for trying, anyway !

Best, hs

Long titles should now behave more as you would expect.

 By: carl : April 21st, 2015-05:01

Thx Carl - didn't want to cause lots of extra work, but appreciated- (in the Browser versions we just have a bit more than 1 line .. - here it really nicely works now) :))

 By: hs111 : April 21st, 2015-08:20
So this was 5-lines test-text - smooth & flawless.
I promise to to abuse it with too long titles, though..

Best, HS

Glad to see the long title post is working for you. Best Bill [nt]

 By: Bill : April 21st, 2015-16:08
No message body

Yes, Thx to you & Carl.. Indeed it is now flexible.. But "promise" to keep titles concise.. Have a good remainder of the week !.. Best, hs [nt]

 By: hs111 : April 22nd, 2015-02:27
No message body

wrong page title; (null) in page title

 By: ThomasM : April 17th, 2015-10:33

shows Automotive, but was in HoMe

shows (null)

That's great. But what about a little more information.

 By: carl : April 18th, 2015-06:07
Like how you got to this point?

Without that it is very difficult to track something like this down.

Open App, click upper left drop down menu, click unanswered posts, click first item.

 By: ThomasM : April 18th, 2015-09:58
second picture was one step from above but don't remember what.

let app logged in running in background, home button to other apps, home button back to app, allowed it to refresh, got error

 By: ThomasM : April 21st, 2015-03:36
bad page title again.

especially notice the FS item for sale

Somewhat baffled as to what generated this collection of threads.

 By: carl : April 21st, 2015-05:00
The latest version sends a debug log to the server when you post to the iOS forum. I see you have now installed the latest version. But this may have been posted prior to installing it as I do not see the debug log.

Best guess is that resources on your device are low enough to trigger the app to release memory (a normal occurrence) but it's not recovering correctly. The log should throw some light as to what state it is trying to recover from.

If you could make it do it again and post an image that would be really helpful.

Re: " Shortening" text: Forget about it - pecularity variably exists .. Cannot delete this post any more..

 By: hs111 : April 22nd, 2015-09:58
P reviously for abbrev forms of words, text interpreter puts sign.

I didn't go home.
You've never told me that

=>> All is in order, think was in prev version.. - Now it's here again (?)

Best, hs

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