Palladium Bi-retrograde Perpetual Chrono?

 By: toowoundup : December 13th, 2020-18:41
For all the Roger Dubuis experts and collectors here, did Roger Dubuis ever execute the  Bi-retrograde Perpetual Chronograph (Lemania Caliber) in Palladium?  

He did use palladium in his earlier pieces. If there was a QP Chrono in one, I haven’t chanced upon it yet - but from a feasibility perspective he might have.

 By: zr4484 : December 15th, 2020-07:19
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Are there any good resources in this regard? When it comes to Roger Dubuis' early pieces?

 By: toowoundup : December 15th, 2020-19:08
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Revolution wrote a piece about the early RDs, u can look it up. Personally it is more about the pieces I have observed over the years

 By: zr4484 : December 16th, 2020-02:24
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