A Personal Review of Tissot Sports Watches

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I'm a admirer of all Tissot watches and'm lucky enough to possess a single - a PRS516 Automatic chronograph Tissot T-Sport. What follows are my personal reviews of Tissot sports watches as well as the present collections.

Tissot create a massive group of unique varieties of sports watches which are of exceptional quality at sensible prices. The Tissot PRS516 cost less than most of my favorite Swiss watches - my spouse and I have some nice watches - but it's also made and as trendy as any additional sports opinion. Tissot have been producing watches since 1853 and have been instrumental in designing some of the most technically innovative timepieces: the Tissot T-Touch watch is the world's first touch display wristwatch.

Tissot create an wide array of watches. If you are a serious aide then the Diver Seastar is for you. The Tissot Seastar is a automatic timepiece made out of a highly resistant steel case, capably of resisting diving depths of 300 meters. What I especially like about the Tissot Seastar is its own domed sapphire crystal , which magnifies numbers on the coloured dials; no additional diver's view that I know of has this attribute.

The Tissot PR100X sports view provides more elegant elegance. The PR100X Small Lady Tissot watch is a really elegant ladies watch and can be among the most exquisite of women sport watches, in my view. It's resistant up to 100 meters, has a screw down crown, glass and silver dial. The case is stainless steel as is the bracelet.

The Tissot PR200X is a timeless timepiece, with a massive face: the very striking models include a bright yellow sweeping second and counter tops white and hands indices with apparent Arab numbers that stand out against the midnight black dial.

The Tissot PRS200 sports view stays Tissot's best selling sports view. It seems rugged but fashionable. Its chronograph movement, decoration and bracelet in steel or golden colour with a choice of silver, black, blue dial, and water resistance to 200 yards, make it a really attractive sports watch. Personally I favor The Tissot PRS516 - I did purchase it as PRS516 stands out from other sports watches whereas the Tissot PRS200 appears somewhat like plenty of different brands.

The Tissot T-Race was developed to reflect the best of all sorts of two-wheeled sports, from biking to bike racing. I actually enjoy these watches. The instance is a stainless steel steel/carbon composite. The straps are made of rubber and come in various colors. Using pale colors makes them a fantastic option as a women sports watch. The standard model includes three little dials, another hand, 1/10 second hands along with 30 minute countertops. The Tissot T-Race watches include quartz chronograph.

Tissot signed a deal with NASCAR, which makes Tissot the official timekeeper of America's favorite auto-racing. The T-Race NASCAR unique variant contains carbon dial, using a difficult hybrid of rubber and steel and matching black rubber strap. Inspired by the lovers' enthusiasm for the game, the Tissot T-Race NASCAR instance back will come with an engraved NASCAR logo and grabbed complete flags. Being aware of a game where 1/100th of second makes the difference between losing and winning, the Tissot NASCAR watch includes a Swiss chronograph movement. The big, red-colored Arab numerals at 12, 8 and 4 are complemented with the big, industrial seeming hour and second hands. A very wonderful feature is that the magnified crystal over the current display.

I enjoy Tissot watches. . But do not just take my word for this many customer reviews of Tissot watches rate them highly. Tissot sports watches have Swiss chronograph movement, sapphire glass, and fashionable design. Another persuasive reason why I love Tissot sports watches is they are cheap compared to plenty of additional Korean sports watches.

Tissot Touch Watch - Men's Best Choice

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Tissot watches, an elegant timepiece goes from the fashion field. Since 1853, the year of its birth, until the current, time has seen the fantastic achievements and glory of Tissot. It is said that Tissot watches won't ever go out of fashion as they are watch fashion itself. It's true: from its first pocket watch with just two time-zones from 1853 ( đồng hồ Tissot 1853 )  to its revolutionary touch-screen technologies Tissot Men Touch, Tissot has managed a succession of"firsts" with regard to technology, materials and design. Being marketed by 16,000 Sales locations across five continents, Tissot goods offer an extensive assortment of watches to suit diverse operational requirements and tastes. Not merely are the watches nicely made but are loved by the people. The name offers a large selection of watches for both men and women to pick from.

The plan of T-Touch is ideal and it has exceeded the technology. The ideal design isn't only be based on the superb look, but its six functions: barometer, altimeter, chronograph, compass, alarm and thermo. T-Touch is pushed by signature the crystal surface gently. After we touch the surface lightly the six functions can show. In spite of its own ideal layout, T-Touch also has other purposes which are possessed by all the other Tissot watches like water resistance, shockproof. Wearing a T-Touch watch means that in one way or another, you're going places. A man can wear T-Touch no mater he is working or playing, it does not settle for the normal as well as the typical. Whether you are a mountaineer or a business man, this opinion will stand you in great state and provide all the functionality you can ask for, as well demonstrate that you're shooting straight for the summit, figuratively or literally. Tissot Touch men watch is a mix of cutting edge technology and design. It's spotless. See more Information:

The elegant watches from Tissot is a fantastic choice when choosing a collaborate present. If you are looking for a classy gift to present your own boss, or even a senior, or a business partner, Tissot has a great collection of watches with magnificent designs and marvelous poise. Carson, Trend Flower, Heritage Classic and the latest T-Touch are some of the super-stylish watch models which it is possible to choose as a present. Tissot has also been picked as official time keeper for outstanding sports matches, which makes no compromise in superior and innovation. Whatever the look, the style, Tissot touch, men's best choice.


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I agree with the post. Tissot is strong, my gentleman swissmatic is a workhorse. I had an accident, and it was no problem for the service center of the swatchgroup to repair my Tissot. They gave me a pouche as a present, so how good the service is? Top notche!

I am in for a diver watch. I seen the seastar. Nice watch. 300 meter water resistant, and a-look through safier caseback where a powermatic 80 tiks the time.
A little problem.... the Omega seamaster and seamaster planet ocean keeps my attention. So, i can skip the seastar.
But there is another seapirat on the horizon, the Ulysse Nardin Diver chronometer. I can not keep my eyes out of it. Like a pretty lady, or a fast German sportscar from Baden Wurtemberg with the engine in de back.