Wow, 5975 owners must have had a Mother's Day shock...

 By: Signo : May 13th, 2018-19:47
I think PP should learn what AP already painfully learned years ago, which is that limited editions, rather than enhancing a brand name, can end up destroying it. When I saw that there is going to be a Titanium Pilot's watch for yet another "one-off" event, I was half way between yawning and comatose. In my opinion Rolex's brand name strength would not be where it is today had it joined the limited edition shenanigan of recent years (letting Tudor take the hit instead).

I am 100% supportive of Patek and every other manufacturer providing one-off pieces for the One event. A great way to give back, whether a $1,000,000 or $1,000 piece [nt]

 By: 5980 : May 13th, 2018-19:49
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There's a better alternative...

 By: Signo : May 13th, 2018-19:59
donate to charity directly! Giving back doesn't have to always involve diluting your own brand name. It's like printing money; it solves an immediate problem, but creates a bigger one: everyone holding your money suddenly realizes that what they have is now worth less. 

If this were an objective statement I would agree with you.

 By: 5980 : May 13th, 2018-20:07
But it is not. And I would argue the risk to brand perception encourages each manufacturer to provide something the market truly values: unique, differentiated, demanded. To date, that certainly has been the case. The results certainly will tell us if this year is an exception- or not - to the rule

I’ll be watching keenly...


 By: aston.db4 : May 13th, 2018-20:38
This was probably the bargain of the auction. Seeing how speculative the prices were on the limited edition Pateks in all the factory plastic bags and sealed delivery boxes. The price is reflective of this watch "no longer" in the "sealed" patek delivery box along with the watch no longer "encased" in the factory plastic bag. LoL!

I sure hope we won't be saying this for Rolex, Omega, Seiko etc. Imagine "You took your Seiko out of the protective package, it won't be worth anything in 60 years :O" hehehe

 By: Rogi : May 13th, 2018-20:59
Watches should be worn, not Han Soloed

Will this be the outcome for watches in the future?

Han Soloed!!!

 By: renerod : May 13th, 2018-21:39



I was bidding on the watch and i am not sure if another bid

 By: Patekphilippecollector : May 13th, 2018-20:59
Of mine would have pushed the price a bit more. A R had sold for CHF68k including buyers ptemium a year earlier. I think its now becoming a bargain versus the 5170G. The real surprise for me was how strong the 5575 was. Not exactly scare but going for more than 5131R

And then earlier today Christies sold another R for CHF65k (I think including premium).

 By: Jay (Eire) : May 14th, 2018-15:26
Not sure about condition, but for sure points to yesterday's result being perhaps an auction anomaly.

CHF 53000 incl VAT and price I think was CHF

 By: Patekphilippecollector : May 14th, 2019-06:59
55000 at list...some other string results from 5131R and 5575G and 5131P limping...5711 A white dial was same price as this!!!

Finally on the wrist with a casual strap

 By: Patekphilippecollector : June 16th, 2019-23:00
Courtesy of Christie's

Uber cool combo! [nt]

 By: amanico : June 16th, 2019-23:46
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Fantastic acquisition and choice...

 By: JBP99P : June 18th, 2019-06:29
I saw in another of your posts you mentioned it as an incoming and though what a move...looks great!

Really I need a cannon [nt]

 By: Patekphilippecollector : June 18th, 2019-10:15
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Well, the premium is around 23% so, a quarter of the price... More or less. [nt]

 By: amanico : May 14th, 2018-23:36
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Good for the new owner, always two sides of the coin...

 By: I_am_Clueless : May 13th, 2018-21:16
some win, some lose but better still in this case, maybe it’s a win-win.


Good words, Raymond. [nt]

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2018-22:10
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Well said [nt]

 By: 5980 : May 13th, 2018-22:45
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Indeed raymond.

 By: : May 13th, 2018-23:08
There were 3 pieces sold at AQ which achieved similar but slightly higher prices
Approx 55k- not sure if that includes commission

Very true Raymond_S [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : May 13th, 2018-23:33
No message body

Its too busy the dial. I believe Patek made a mistake in the design of the watch.

 By: geross : May 14th, 2018-03:45
That is my humble opinion. No offense to anyone who has that reference.

Cheers! wink

There are always lots at auction that show surprising results (both low and high).

 By: Jay (Eire) : May 14th, 2018-04:15
I wouldn't take this single result as an indicator for real price, need more data points. 

That said 400 pieces is not exactly limited (1300 pieces in all metals) and this price achieved at the weekend isn't that far from the original retail.  

Agree in general that the limited edition game should be left to other brands

 By: Joepny : May 14th, 2018-06:01
I don't consider the charity watches made by PP to be in the spirit of a limited edition series; sure categorically perhaps, but the spirit is different.  They are a single watch made each time and as far as I'm aware all the proceeds go to charity.  Of course PP wins via the marketing kudos for doing a good thing.  I definitely don't see any harm to the brand, in fact the charity watches always fetch 7 figures nowadays which is astounding.

The 5975G and other refs that have been made for anniversaries do represent limited edition series; yes I agree generally Patek have been doing a bit too much of these lately.  I think the weaknesses of the 5975 are the automatic movement, the limited 60-seconds chronograph timing, and the relatively high production.

not good....

 By: thomaspp : May 14th, 2018-12:08
In general for many modern patek unfortunately. Have a look at the Minute Repeaters and there is some scare stuff.....


 By: JBP99P : May 15th, 2018-12:34

I really don't think current owners need worry, it is a fantastic piece and over time believe it will be appreciated for what it is, a rather special chronograph with killer case, unique movement and beautifully intricate dial.  It's another of those watches that is best viewed in the flesh to appreciate it fully.  I also don't think for one minute the auction result posted is reflective of a typical private or dealer sale, looking at the website I see the final result to be CHF52,500.  Regardless those having bought at retail should always be in the black should they ever wish to sell, I believing the R and P versions tending to sell higher than their G and J counterparts (both of which I find equally attractive).  Full disclosure,  I have a 5975R an love it!


i followed the auction...

 By: Fricks : May 15th, 2018-13:55
... this piece came at the end of the session, it was given 15sec, and was given away very quickly. Surely deserved more, at least someone made a good deal.

The price on the pics is hammer price, final price after fees is 52'000$

I was also following this live online and something strange happened on this lot and only this lot!

 By: KC_HK : May 16th, 2018-02:08
The bid amount was jumping all over the place. First was at 42,000, then 44,000, then jumped to 52,000+, then back down to 44,000, then hammered at 42,000. I was going to bid on this but since the bid amount was all over the place, I didn't bid at all. After this lot, all the lots didn't have this issue.
Come to think of it, maybe it's my wife screwing with me and trying to get me to buy less watches! Hahaha!!
At least someone got an awesome deal! It's sad for the seller 42,000-seller's fee, definitely end up less than 40k.

Yes something was clearly wrong...

 By: Fricks : May 16th, 2018-08:44
They didnt give it 3sec to overbid the 42k bid. Felt like they wanted to give it to that last bidder.

I have the J version and I love it and wear it.

 By: AnthonyV : May 18th, 2019-12:50
Killed myself trying to find a P but couldnt snag one.   Those have done amazing numbers at auction (that's not why I wanted it, I just loved the black dial).   I'm a little surprised that they havent at least held close to value and maybe time will tell.   I like the complicated dials, and the case work on it it very cool.   Very vintage feel to the gold with that dial

I'd never sell it anyway but a little higher level would be nice!


 By: AnthonyV : May 18th, 2019-12:52
I do think that 4000 in each metal was a little heavy, may be part of the issue. But of course, as Karlstumke says above, 1300 5575G and they are way over original list.
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