I wouldn't describe it as rare...

Dec 29, 2015,02:31 AM

because I've seen the 5235 readily available at authorized dealers and grey market dealers scattered around the globe. It does, however, have a ''broken track'' of history because it was introduced in 2011, but it wasn't ready for sale until late 2013 or 2014 - according to some sources. It wasn't featured in their 2013 catalogue, but it was re-introduced in their 2014 catalogue.


The 5200 also has a ''broken track'' of history. However, Thierry Stern made it clear from the beginning that Patek Philippe wouldn't produce the 5200 in big quantities, cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VajIcD7H4M.   

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Patek regulator (5235G) -- What is the status of this watch?

 By: reypas : December 28th, 2015-14:55
Very hard to find? Problems with it? I understand it might be available in Geneve salon though... Edit: title edited for higher answers potential.

I wouldn't describe it as rare...

 By: Ouroboros : December 29th, 2015-02:31
because I've seen the 5235 readily available at authorized dealers and grey market dealers scattered around the globe. It does, however, have a ''broken track'' of history because it was introduced in 2011, but it wasn't ready for sale until late 2013 or ... 

Today, it is available.

 By: Mark in Paris : December 29th, 2015-08:49
I don't have an official info but the watch needed update and setting modifications when it was announced. After Patek considered it was respecting the brand's standards, it was delivered to the market around 2 years ago. If you're interested, we talked a... 

Found one got one...Regulator.

 By: reypas : January 7th, 2016-11:47
Have only had it for a few days. Love it. Dresses down, dresses up. So far extremely accurate--keeping up with my smart phone. Comfortable to wear. Rare model--there are none in the US with waiting list. Tiffany told me they have a waiting list for it of ...  

Welcome to the 5235 Owners' Club

 By: hashluck : January 7th, 2016-13:34
As Mark says lots of threads on here withe ownership experience. Mine is also very accurate on the wrist. Strangely runs slower than spec in a winder box by a few seconds a day. Glad you got one, they are getting easier to source but they key is you love ... 

Congrats !

 By: mahesh : January 26th, 2016-23:15
Congrats, fantastic choice...


 By: WYK : January 27th, 2016-08:59
Wear it in good health! please let us know your longer term impressions of this watch


 By: jon_jon : January 28th, 2016-06:54
Congratulations! It is a wonderful watch. It takes a little getting used to reading the time but it is so different from other Patek Annual Calendars and has a nice new movement. Enjoy!

yes, have had it for 3 weeks and...

 By: reypas : January 28th, 2016-16:57
Still getting used to reading the time. But absolutely love the watch. Very cool. And in three weeks where I have wore it every day is about a minute fast which I consider acceptable.

four month update

 By: reypas : May 5th, 2016-12:34
Been wearing it non-stop since I bought it at the start of the year. Incredibly accurate! Have only adjusted it once, and only because it was about a minute or so fast. Should have let it go! It tracks the time on my phone as exactly as you can ever hope ... 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, very valuable for potential "chasers"

 By: Mark in Paris : May 5th, 2016-13:03
I could see the watch worn by a collector during a Patek presentation lately and it looked so beautiful on his wrist. It is a watch that takes all its importance when worn, I was nearly surprised to see how good it looked! Cheers, Mark

Manufacture of 5235G has been suspended!

 By: Poky : January 28th, 2016-15:54
I have been on the waiting list since last summer and at first I was told I would get it for Christmas 2015 or at the latest, Jan 2016. I contacted my AD to find out the status yesterday. This is the email he got from the UK PP: " We have been advised by ... 

i bought mine...

 By: reypas : January 28th, 2016-17:00
In Paris PP. But also visited Geneva. Both Salons had it in stock, though not in display. I asked him about the reference and told me they had no issue with it while acknowledging the early issues. They said they would not sell it to me if they had issues... 

You are lucky

 By: Poky : January 29th, 2016-10:38
Reypas. I'd love to get my hands on one of these beauties. I haven't seen one in the flesh but I already love it. One minute fast after 3 weeks is absolutely perfect. Enjoy yours.

This is new news..

 By: hashluck : January 29th, 2016-02:13
but I am at UK PP mid February and will ask them face to face. There are a few 5235 out there for sale but none in the UK at the moment it seems.

That is the odd thing

 By: Poky : January 29th, 2016-10:35
I have noticed the reference being available at the other European and US Salons but not UK. The Salon in London also said to me to forget about it as they do not take any more orders and that the waiting time is 2 years?! Maybe a trip to Geneva or Paris ... 

Found one is Paris in November

 By: tembusu92 : February 2nd, 2016-21:43
Visited the Salon in early November to look at the 5960 and chanced upon the 5235 and immediately fell in love with it especially it is very discreet and also love the buckle

Thank you for your post

 By: Poky : February 3rd, 2016-14:21
I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but like you I have been deciding between 5960/1A and 5235G. I think 5235G is going to be the one for me though. Have you had any problem with the prong buckle? I have also heard that the minute hand does not always line... 

Alignment of hands and buckle

 By: tembusu92 : February 3rd, 2016-18:02
My minute hand is align to the second hand and with regards to the prong buckle - no issues when I am putting on the watch. Not sure but I heard that it may be the first time PP has done a buckle with this design.

Thank you Tembusu

 By: Poky : February 4th, 2016-10:59
I have never had a watch with a buckle before so that is the only thing that makes me twice think about this watch. I worry it may be too fiddly to put on and off and I may drop the watch whilst doing it. Having said that, the buckle does look very nice.

They all have the minute hand (mis)alignment

 By: hashluck : February 4th, 2016-16:30
just not everyone will notice it or be bothered by it. It is a 'feature' according to PP thus the same for all watches with tihs movement not just some. It is particularly evident on the 5235 due to the very thin minute hand, very thin dial marker and hac... 

Thank you Hashluck

 By: Poky : February 5th, 2016-10:05
I thought that might be the case, you have explained it very clearly. I look forward to hearing from you with regards to the status of the watch in the UK.


 By: hashluck : February 8th, 2016-13:27
So I cannot report much other than what you have been told by your AD is all I have managed to confirm. I spoke with 3 today. Seems they have been told not to add to their waiting lists and no clues as to when production will resume. It is NOT currently o... 

That is bad news about 5235G

 By: Poky : February 8th, 2016-23:22
Thank you for the update. My AD was a bit more pessimistic and said last time this happened the watch stopped being produced altogether. I hope that is not going to be the case for this model. If it appears in the 2016 catalogue, that will be encouraging.... 

That is correct. The 5235G is available in the Genevan Salon

 By: HiĆ«ronymus : February 3rd, 2016-11:34
It was at least two weeks ago.

Thank you for the info

 By: Poky : February 3rd, 2016-14:16
So it seems that there is a definite problem with the supply in the UK. I don't understand why Geneva has said to the PP UK that the manufacture of 5235G has been suspended. I wish I had some inside knowledge on this.

Maybe those are old stock.

 By: janef : February 14th, 2016-11:21
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I think you are right,

 By: Poky : February 14th, 2016-12:28
what is in the other salons is the old stock. Just have to wait and see what happens in the next few months. That is an excellent photo. I am impressed by the condition of the watch, not a single scratch on the bezel.

the 5235 is still on the website...

 By: reypas : March 21st, 2016-13:50
And the 2016 have been posted already. I looked quickly but nothinbg super interesting in the new models.