By: Horology75 : January 8th, 2021-00:51

I rmuch prefer this version of fifty shades of grey :-) Stunning!

 By: Artoxares : January 8th, 2021-01:04
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Stunning, you’ve really chosen one of the best OF dials!👍🥂

 By: FabR : January 8th, 2021-02:50
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Best Octo Finissimo! HAGWE!

 By: watchbiao : January 8th, 2021-12:10
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 By: Horology75 : January 8th, 2021-12:52
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Looking fantastic...

 By: patrick_y : January 12th, 2021-19:27
It goes so well with what you're wearing too.  Very fashionable piece. 

Thanks Patrick !

 By: Horology75 : January 12th, 2021-21:38
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