Thanks Abel, my best wishes for you and your dear ones.

 By: Bobbe : December 20th, 2020-12:49
No message body

My pleasure and thanks to you for your kind good wishes! Abel

 By: Subexplorer : December 20th, 2020-13:27
No message body

You have made a great job my dear Vinnie!! Superb veredict. Big congrats to Rrregulator and I welcome him to our Forum and to our WS contest.

 By: Subexplorer : December 20th, 2020-10:22
Big congrats to all winners too. I´m grateful to all participants for their great response to the Theme this week end.
I´m glad you enjoyed the judging my friend and I appreciate so much your valuable help.
Cheers! Abel

My pleasure

 By: VinnieD : December 20th, 2020-12:24
The list of entries was quite amazing - happy holidays everyone!

Very kind Abel

 By: rrregulator : December 20th, 2020-19:04
Thank you for putting this together !

My big pleasure Rrregulator! I enjoyed so much being the host last week end. Look forward to your participation in next week end edition of WS! Best cordial regards, Abel

 By: Subexplorer : December 21st, 2020-04:16
No message body

Thank you for the vote VinnieD

 By: rrregulator : December 20th, 2020-19:02
I am happy we can share our appreciation for the reference, it does its best on to partake in the festive season !

Great verdict Judge Vinnie!

 By: Seeks : December 21st, 2020-02:45
Superb winning shots by rrregulator and special mentions.
Have a great week everyone!

The list of candidates for Static has been narrowed down . . .

 By: Dr No : December 20th, 2020-12:55
. . . to nine.


In order of appearance: Abel's rose gold Rolex . . .

. . . paullin's JLC . . .

. . . Geo's Cartier . . .

. . . timerider's Laine movement shot . . .

. . . Chronometer's Lange 1815 . . .

. . . Moana43's GS . . .

. . . jml's Reverso . . .

. . . Seeks' Speedy . . .

. . . and not to be outdone, our Captain's Speedy.

Some - for example, Chronometer's Lange - found favor by their subjects.  (The only Lange I lust after is the platinum blue up-and-down.)  Others, like jml's Reverso, were elegantly composed.

Since Static is primarily judged on aesthetic considerations, and taking into account Abel's Christmas theme, though, there are two that stand out: Geo's Cartier . . .

. . . alongside Hublot cufflinks smile , and Moana43's GS . . .

. . . cunningly captured hanging off his Christmas tree.  Both excellent compositions; it's a tough call between them.

Photo-finish goes to Geo with Moana43 placing.  Thanks to all who participated - Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all!


Great veredict dear Art!! Thank you so much for your kind valuable help! I knew this week end was going to be a tough job judging static with many beautiful shots entering in this...

 By: Subexplorer : December 20th, 2020-13:33
... category.
Big congrats to winners Geo and Moana for their winning great shots. Also big congrats to all special mentions and thank you so much Art for including my gold Date among them.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all.
Have a nice week ahead friends! Best, Abel

Great verdict dear Art, huge congratulations to Geo and Moana43!

 By: Seeks : December 21st, 2020-02:42
Many thanks for the kind mention.
Have a great, festive week everyone!

Congratulations to all!

 By: timerider : December 20th, 2020-14:04
A very special thread this week.
Best to everyone,

A very nice thread it is Tim

 By: rrregulator : December 20th, 2020-19:05
No message body

Yes, my friend, Geo's photo was really impossible to beat.

 By: amanico : December 20th, 2020-23:53
No message body

Geo's cause was helped by the malachite cufflinks which reminded me . . .

 By: Dr No : December 21st, 2020-13:27
. . . of a certain practically unique . . .

. . . pool cue.


Thanks Art !

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 21st, 2020-08:37
No message body

Many good shots here

 By: rrregulator : December 20th, 2020-19:07
I am partial to Geo's Cartier. Thanks for everyone for adding to the festive feeling.
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