Ok, who´s the lucky guy?

May 17, 2008,10:52 AM

Just noticed this to be auctioned today:

Seemingly simple. Unless one flips it over:

Glashütte Carousel:


The auction text says

An important Glashuette deck watch of the "kaiserlichen Kriegsmarine" ("German Imperial navy") with carousel · sold 1908 for 320 Marks to the Chronometer Observatory in Kiel

Case: silver · engine-turned · emblem with the engraved Imperial Crown, "M" and the figures "658" of the "Kaiserlichen Marine" (Imperial Marine) · case design "Jürgens" · silver dome · gold hinges Dial: enamel · radial Roman hours · sunk seconds · blued spade hands Movm.: 2/3 plate movement · frosted · gilt · blued screws · carousel revolving in 52,5 minutes · nickel steel gold screw compensation balance · blued hairspring · very finely engraved balance cock · index spring fine adjusting device · gold lever and -escape wheel · set diamond endstone on balance

"Carousel" watches

"Carousel" watches are a design by the Danish watchmaker B. Bonniksen, who registered the patent in 1892 in England. His intention was to create a compromise between the "expensive" tourbillon and a normal chronometer - and he actually achieved better results with his carousel than some of the tourbillons. In 1899 Richard Lange improved the design and received a protection of utility patents D.R.G.M 121267 for it. The escapement in a carousel with auxiliary seconds turns around itself in 52,5 minutes, and thus avoids the variation caused by gravity.

Lit.: "Die Lange-Liste" by Martin Huber, Munich 2000, page 103f.

Detailed description and illustration in:

"Glashuette und seine Uhren" by Kurt Herkner, Dormagen 1978, page 102ff.

(descriptive text and pictures courtesy of auction house Dr. Crott, Frankfurt, Germany)

A very special piece!



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Mine neither but BOY wouldnt that make for a great mantlepiece object????? !!!!!

 By: -=EHH=- : May 18th, 2008-01:55
I am (was?) looking for a nice Patek "Extra" PW, preferably with observatory papers, guillaume balance, blued steel hairspring, wolf teeth winding, moustache compensated lever etc etc ... Found one not long ago but the price was "a little bit" out of my r...