Random pics with my new iPhone. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

 By: DarrenKats : September 17th, 2022-18:54

Sharp pictures. Hagwe

 By: Bill : September 17th, 2022-19:34

Amazing watches!

 By: andrea~ : September 17th, 2022-20:13
Did you get the 14 Pro? I got it yesterday and it's amazing

Yes. 14 Pro. Finally moved on from the X. Quite an upgrade!

 By: DarrenKats : September 17th, 2022-20:22

Exact same here! I jumped from the X to the 14 Pro

 By: andrea~ : September 17th, 2022-20:33
huge difference

There is a very cool intruder, here. But the killer for me is...

 By: amanico : September 17th, 2022-21:12

Haha! I work in the Aerospace industry so the intruder has special meaning to me. But, yes, the Jumping Second is extra special and one of my favs.

 By: DarrenKats : September 17th, 2022-21:46

:) In my wish list. In this very same configuration, even if I regret they didn't go for a black enamel dial.

 By: amanico : September 18th, 2022-05:56

Excellent watches and pics

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 18th, 2022-07:56