One of the greatest regrets in my collecting career

 By: afaleh : July 3rd, 2021-09:19
Was selling the Lange Striking Time Zeitwerk I owned for three years. I have this self imposed rule that if a watch doesn’t get wrist time it has to go. My lifestyle at the time dictated a more formal dress code and I moved a few casual and sport pieces, but this one was an instant regret.

I still long for it, and might pick up another Zeitwerk at some point.

What’s your favorite Zeitwerk under 100k? I am debating which version to get.

Have a nice day everyone, here’s to lost love💔

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Doesn’t seem like the image is appearing

 By: afaleh : July 3rd, 2021-09:23
Could a moderator please let me know how I screwed that up?

Aaaahh, I completely understand your regret…

 By: MTR : July 3rd, 2021-09:32
I personally would go for the „simple“ Black dial with the improved movement or the date version (where I appreciate the higher PR).



 By: Lankysudanese : July 3rd, 2021-09:45
If you’ve got the wrist-size to handle, go for the ZW-date. The quintuple switch at midnight is magical

Looks great

 By: afaleh : July 3rd, 2021-09:53

This is my Favorite. The Original.

 By: tomch : July 3rd, 2021-14:37

This and the ZW-Date are my favorites, too!

 By: MTR : July 3rd, 2021-16:02
Looks perfect on your wrist. That’s the advantage of the „simple“ black dial version - a slightly smaller case.


Yes my large wrists carried it perfectly

 By: afaleh : July 4th, 2021-08:14
Every time I see my old photos wearing that watch I wonder how I sold it

You can correct this mistake.

 By: MTR : July 4th, 2021-08:53
And you can comfort yourself with the fact that a new purchase also makes real sense, since you will then benefit from the technical improvements of the new model. ☺️

Best Thomas

I agree this is a sublime watch. Pure magic.

 By: nasseriq : July 3rd, 2021-17:40

Didn't know you have this one!

 By: MTR : July 3rd, 2021-16:01
Great watch!! 72 hours PR due to a new twin-barrel movement if I remember correctly?

Many congrats for this beauty!



 By: afaleh : July 3rd, 2021-09:54
How was the movement improved?

I’ll let other experts explain, but something to do with ensuring the exact minute change when the seconds hand crosses 60,

 By: Lankysudanese : July 3rd, 2021-10:07
Not before.

"Fractional preloading" eliminated...

 By: CR : July 3rd, 2021-17:37
That's the term sometimes used to describe it. It refers to the tiny "jump" (slight movement) that you'd see in the minute discs at about 55 seconds past each minute. You might've noticed it. Amusingly, it drove some people crazy. The more recent Zeitwerk movements don't have that visible preloading. You can read more about it here.

Thank you for the info

 By: afaleh : July 4th, 2021-08:13
I wonder if Lange could modify the movement on the original release models

Nope, that has been asked to Lange & S

 By: Geo : July 7th, 2021-15:16
The company will not or cannot modify the existing caliber.
On the other hand the issue of the pre jump is so small and hardly noticeable, that it is not really worth it.
And only the people who do NOT own a Zeitwerk, talk about it.

Dear George,

 By: MTR : July 9th, 2021-14:34
I don't know whether only people talk about such topics who don't own a Zeitwerk.

I can only speak for myself. I am very interested in the Zeitwerk concept and would like to buy a Lange ZW, too.

May I then - from your point of view - think about the associated movement and ask questions about its development?

Best Thomas

I don't think this is correct George. I know of at least 2 friends who have had an earlier version of the Zeitwerk and got the upgrade while their ZW was serviced at the factory 🤷‍♂️

 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 11th, 2021-20:34

Interesting, I asked Lange a few months ago if my Striking Time could be modified...

 By: CR : July 14th, 2021-23:39
... when sent for servicing and was told no, they don't do that. I was just curious because the fractional pre-loading doesn't bother me at all.

With regards to preloading… has Lange updated the striking or only the base and date?

 By: darrony : July 4th, 2021-16:48

Good question. I'm not sure.

 By: CR : July 6th, 2021-01:00

My guess is that Lange has not updated the striking time

 By: darrony : July 7th, 2021-07:52

The later versions of the Striking time do have the upgraded movement without the preloading minutes 👍

 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 11th, 2021-20:32

Oh nice! Thanks J; I did not know that

 By: darrony : July 12th, 2021-01:06


 By: holdemchamp1225 : July 22nd, 2021-21:21

Done, it should now appear correctly. Cheers.

 By: FabR : July 3rd, 2021-09:46

Many thanks

 By: afaleh : July 3rd, 2021-09:53

My pleasure👍

 By: FabR : July 3rd, 2021-10:18

For me, the simpler, the better, when it comes to the Zeitwerk.

 By: amanico : July 3rd, 2021-10:01

I agree in most cases

 By: afaleh : July 4th, 2021-08:17
But with the Zeitwerk a bit extra helps fill up the void in the dial. Both the date and striking time models seem perfect to me.

Well the new Minute Repeater in blue is actually perfect. But at a cool half a million usd it might as well not exist
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