Saxonia Annual Calendar strap?

 By: mattg6 : February 3rd, 2020-09:41
Anyone know the measurements for this strap? (Maybe 20mm x _mm)?

Might get an aftermarket strap. Frankly even considering one of my Patek straps for it. My ALS strap doesn’t have any “give” or stretch. By contrast, my Patek straps expand with heat and wear which makes them more comfortable

Measurements, no. Strap, easy. Dark brown Hirsch 'Ascot'.

 By: kjkt3 : February 3rd, 2020-14:15

20 x 16mm lug width

 By: chk : February 4th, 2020-05:05
If you a standard Lange tang buckle. 75 x 115 is the standard length. A short strap is 65 x 105mm long. Lengths will be different if you use a Lange deployant buckle.