Question on Lumen Moon Phase

 By: : January 10th, 2019-08:00
Hello everyone, I need your help on making a decision. I really like the Lange Lumen moon phase from 2017, limited to 200 pieces. Now I have the opportunity to buy one and wanted to get your opinion on the value of the Lumen compared to a normal Lange 1 moon phase. I don’t have the exact numbers but basically the Lumen is double the price of the same watch but not limited and no special Lume.  Is the Lumen really worth double-especially considering Lange is coming our with multiple special editions at SIHH this year with a MSRP price at about half the price of the Lumen as well?  Thanks for your thoughts and opinions...Jim

After about 1.5 years, I still stare at the lovely dial every time I wear it.

 By: chrono.logy : January 10th, 2019-09:09
I am one of the lucky ones who owns the Lange 1 Moonphase Lumen. Here are some of my thoughts:

(1) If you have not seen one in the flesh before (or any other Lumens), I can assure you that it is definitely much more amazing in real life than in photos. The depth that you experience is unbelievable, the glowing stars is the ultimate icing on the cake.

(2) I currently own 5 Langes, and the two that I stare at the most is the Datograph & this beauty. I don't think I will ever be able to sell either of them. They just make me so happy when I wear them.

(3) After having it on my wrist for such a long time, I am still so much in love with it that I also recently purchased the new Dato Lumen, and hopefully one day I can find a Zeitwerk Lumen in great condition.I guess you can tell by now how much I like them smile 

(4) If you are concerned about the price of the watch (which you are right, is not cheap), here are my two cents - In general, Lange's tend not to have a good resale value, Lumen's are one of the few that seem to hold good value, which is always good to know when you are dealing with such an expensive watch (although price retention should never be the single factor in deciding to buy a watch in my opinion).

Finally, here is a little shot for you. Hope my two cents helps ....

Your comments

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Really help, thank you. I did see the new Lumen Datograph and thought it was georgous, I couldn’t get the Boutique to sell me one without buying another expensive watch also so I passed on that. In your opinion is the Lumen Moon the most attractive of the Lumens? Thanks again for taking the time to post...,Jim

I would agree with masy7 comments

 By: chrono.logy : January 10th, 2019-16:37
that the two most attractive ones are the Phantom and the Moonphase Lumen. Just my opinion.

Superb shot! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2019-10:33
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A few thoughts...

 By: CR : January 10th, 2019-19:07
I'm biased because I own one. I wear this watch very often and never, ever tire of it. I did, however, put it on a shark mesh bracelet that most others find revolting. I love it this way because I think "mesh" -- the idea of seeing through a metal "guard" -- goes with the overall theme of the watch. And bonus points for being able to see the springbar, too!  smile

I spent some time in person with both the Datograph Up/Down Lumen and the Zeitwerk Phantom. I don't like either one of those Lumens. Never did.

The Dato Lumen looked odd to me -- I don't like the color of the green perimeter, and you can't see much of anything through the transparent dial other than the date discs. I'd much rather have an original, standard-production Datograph.

The same is true for me of the ZW Phantom, which I've seen multiple times, but I know I'm in the minority because that watch has developed quite a cult following! My problem with is is that all I see through the dial are the date discs (i.e., random numbers scattered all over the place below the dial), and to make matters worse, the printing for the power reserve indicator is stuck on top of all that.

My impression of the Grand Lange 1 Moonphase Lumen stands in stark contrast to my impression of those two other Lumen editions. Just look at your photo! The visible areas beneath the transparent dials are balanced, varied (more than just date discs), and don't interfere with anything on the dial. And the moonphase display bridges the gap between what's on the surface of the dial and what's beneath it. It's truly lovely.

Most importantly, keep in mind that Lange's luminous watches glow in the dark only for a few minutes, even after being fully and deliberately charged -- certainly not hours. So you'll really only see this watch (and the Dato Lumen and the ZW Phantom) in their "discharged" state, not glowing. I can tell you that looking through the dial of the Grand Lange 1 Moonphase Lumen in normal daylight, when walking down the street or sitting on the bus, will always bring a smile to your face.

I took this pic below on the subway, which actually provides really good watch photography lighting conditions:

The transparent dial doesn't seem to have any anti-reflective coating on it. I took this photograph below while listening to former US Vice President Joe Biden speak at an outdoor public speaking engagement. I looked down at my watch and -- much to my surprise, because I'm used to looking at Lange 1 dials with AR coating -- noticed that it perfectly reflected the tree leaves above me, so I discreetly took this pic:

Go for it with eyes closed while you have a chance [nt]

 By: redcorals : January 10th, 2019-10:03
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I appreciate your direct enthusiasm!

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I do have the chance to get one and why I asked for comments, it’s just a little tough to rectify double the price of one without the Lume but I do see they hold their value (a good thing as Chrono.logy mentioned above) . The fact current owners love them is very nice to hear. Thank you for the input...Jim

Well worth the premium over the regular production piece if you ask me

 By: masy7 : January 10th, 2019-13:05
Like all other GL1 lumen moonphase owner, I am still deeply in love with mine despite having owned it since late 2016. The dial is mesmerising both under natural lighting and without any lighting. Best lumen together with the zeitwerk phantom.

Are you getting an offer for a used piece or new piece? And if I may ask, at retail?

Your question is "is it worth double a regular Lange One"?

 By: Jay (Eire) : January 10th, 2019-18:11
It's impossible to determine the answer as it's "worth" is very subjective, as it is for all of the watches we buy.

For me, it's in no way "worth" the premium over the regular Lange One reference. 

That's my subjective opinion on the value to me of those changes between the base reference and this one.  However the market disagrees with me and will likely continue to disagree with me on this one.  

I think I agree Jay

 By: : January 10th, 2019-19:18
Paying double for what is a gimmick seems senseless, a few ours of Lume is what I get on all my Panerai and roles models. I think your comment makes me pause and re-evaluate, thank you...Jim

In total agreement with your answer. Very well put. [nt]

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2019-23:46
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