A pair of difficult to capture wave dials...

 By: BigFatPauli : April 15th, 2022-12:50
Happy Friday, Everyone!

The GS is awesome…great dial!

 By: myles721 : April 15th, 2022-13:26

Thank you!

 By: BigFatPauli : April 15th, 2022-13:31

Two beauties! I have yet to be able to properly capture my GS blue dial. So stunning in the flesh!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 15th, 2022-15:15

Thank you! And yes, that dial is especially hard to capture.

 By: BigFatPauli : April 15th, 2022-17:57
It's something in person, however. It really does almost move like water.

I encourage you to try it on a strap as well. That case is truly stunning with both strap and bracelet

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 15th, 2022-20:18

Love that GS

 By: Cozmopak : April 15th, 2022-17:52

Thank you!! It really was the right choice to pick it up :)

 By: BigFatPauli : April 15th, 2022-17:58

Beautiful Pauli :-))

 By: Mr.Gatsby : April 15th, 2022-20:24
As always you have good taste!


Thank you. And you are too kind, my friend.

 By: BigFatPauli : April 16th, 2022-15:30

The Breguet Marine, for me. ;)

 By: amanico : April 29th, 2022-21:16