Terrific or terrible Thursday ? Depends on what is going on 😜. What did you decide to wear today ?

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-09:25
Spending the past few weeks taking care of Yokozuna and Jesse J has been both a blessing and super tough at the same time. I love spending time with them and giving them attention and cuddles but it hurts when your animal companions are suffering so we have to really cherish those special moments they give us everyday.

Yoko has made me really worried for the past 2 weeks and we saw 4 different vets / specialists to try and help with a viable treatment. Hopefully he is on the SLOW road to recovery πŸ™πŸ€ž

Don't know what I would do without our horological cat πŸ˜–

Ah, finally some good news. This cat is blessed to have you and to enjoy such fine watches as this Breguet 5247!

 By: amanico : September 16th, 2021-09:31

Merci mon ami πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ™

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-12:39

Wishing you and Yokozuna all the best!

 By: lm6 : September 16th, 2021-09:31
I fully agree - it's terrible when ones animal friends not are well. I went for the Saxonia today.

Yes indeed, incredibly tough but we must endure for them. Lovely Saxonia πŸ‘

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-12:40

Glad our horological cat is getting better…that superb Breguet is one of my big favorites of the brand, and a perfect way to celebrate!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Back to my office today with the trusty Milgauss! Have a great day EveryoneπŸ‘

 By: FabR : September 16th, 2021-10:13

Thanks Fab. It is one of my favorite modern Breguet models as well. Nice Mille and have a great day my friend πŸ‘πŸ™

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-13:07

Lovely Breguet ,

 By: Juliusotto : September 16th, 2021-10:18
Spending time with my best friend while wearing JLC today 

Sweet DS Chrono and love the photo πŸ’₯

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-16:31

Will change pieces tmr

 By: Cookies : September 16th, 2021-10:24
For today, I wore the usual but decided to use a compact camera instead of phone camera.

Awesome shot!

 By: amanico : September 16th, 2021-10:25

This was taken with a Cannon G7X M2

 By: Cookies : September 16th, 2021-10:43
I can only imagine what a DSLR can achieve. I’ll experiment a little with it later. Got this tiny camera to bring on scuba diving soon because it is among most affordable underwater camera presently. Camera + underwater housing=USD800+

Impressive, the light, the colors, the composition. Bravo.

 By: amanico : September 16th, 2021-10:44


 By: Lankysudanese : September 16th, 2021-13:56
The photo, watch and automobile


 By: Cookies : September 16th, 2021-14:27

Super nice photo and Bathyscaphe bro πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-18:51

Nice Breguet

 By: Cookies : September 16th, 2021-10:44
My cat fell sick last week. Had stones in the urine. He was hospitalized for 4 days. Now he has to eat a special diet for life (Urinary Care Food).

Sorry to hear that brother. I had to also switch to a special diet for another cat in the past (Urinary care and Renal protection) so I can sympathize. Hope your little buddy gets well soon πŸ™πŸ€ž

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-18:54

Wearing this Casioak

 By: baldywatchman : September 16th, 2021-12:25
I never thought I’d own another Casio but these new metal bezel versions are really quite nice for what they are. I wish the best for the recovery

These new Casioak models were super cool 😎 and thanks for the kind words regarding his recovery πŸ™ 🀞

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-20:13

I can see what's ailing her. I'm sure she will do fine

 By: aperna : September 16th, 2021-13:23

Diabetes and getting old (almost 14) Tony. Tough but we are doing our best for her πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ€ž

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-20:14

This thread shows we really need a new forum "Our Pets"

 By: cazalea : September 16th, 2021-14:34
and what ails them and us.

Our poor Tiger has had two vet visits for his wounded foot, and multiple bandagings, and still tries his best to take the bandages off. 
We've tried explaining that this is for his own good, but it doesn't seem to convince him.

One good thing is the vet said "this cat is about 10 years old, right?" to which I had to reply, "No, he's 16." and the reply "Wow, he's really in good shape for that age."

We discovered a partial solution by using baby socks to cover the affected foot as far up his leg as we can.. a problem with cats is their eternal licking and chewing...

It is a curious thing, this man - animal relationship.


Little darling

 By: Weems@8 : September 16th, 2021-17:58
Sweet friend you have.

The forum section Our Pets would be popular i guess.

My darling makes me happy every day.


 By: Ambiorix : September 16th, 2021-19:09

So cute 😍🐱

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-20:17

The second one wants me as boss

 By: Weems@8 : September 17th, 2021-17:16

Adorable 😍πŸ’₯

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 18th, 2021-13:25

Agreed on ALL counts my friend. I had a wonderful cat that also hurt one of his legs and it was a chore to keep him from removing the bandages, I can sympathize with you...

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 16th, 2021-20:17
As for having a separate forum for our companions, that would be a great idea πŸ™πŸ‘

Adore that Breguet; and your feline friends! LUC for me today

 By: DouglasM : September 16th, 2021-14:41

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