One of the oldest watches in my collection back from regular maintenance.

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-07:24
Breguet ,as usual, did a fabulous job : the watch is looking as new.

Still loving this great mix between elegance and casual style.

Thanks for looking,

Looks brand new. A real beauty, Gerard.

 By: MichaelC : February 8th, 2020-07:45
Thanks for your post.


 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-10:20
From my experience,Breguet and AP are the best in the industry when it comes to refinish watches to almost brand new look.

Beautiful 5817.

 By: VMM : February 8th, 2020-08:09
Loved the former Marine collection, sorry but the new models look like a joke to me. 

Glad you have yours back and looking great. 


Thanks,the new Marine models have these strangely designed lugs.... [nt]

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-10:21
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The marine is a one of a kind line indeed.

 By: Reuven Malter : February 8th, 2020-08:58
And its thinner than i expected it to be.

Not super thin but very comfortable on the wrist. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-10:22
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Beautiful Gerard ! A timeless classic ;) [nt]

 By: templetowers : February 8th, 2020-09:42
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Breguet Marine

 By: Weems@8 : February 8th, 2020-09:57
When i bought a Longines, the seller let see me a Breguet Marine.
The one i like with the bleu inner dial.
I had it in my hands.
It was a good experience, so i set it on my wishlist.

That was a few years ago, and things are changing in my watch experience.
The recent Marine is not really my thing. That Roman numbers are ruining the watch.
Then i’d experienced the silicium technologie of my Omega, and i want it in every next watch i want, so the former Marines are not any more on my list.

What i wish is that the older Marines comes with silicium parts like a balance made of silicium, the spring made of silicium and even the main spring.
The new caliber of the recent Marine, put in the old case of a Marine from 2008 - 2018.
And i want the lug type of the older Marine.

The new Marine's are as such not bad looking watches.

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-10:26
If only they would not have these lugs which make the watch sit and look "strange" on the wrist.

The later models of this Marine model does have a Silicon hairspring which is why they went to adjusted in 6 positions rather than 5 previously. [nt] [nt]

 By: templetowers : February 8th, 2020-10:48
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Thanks,yes,very timeless piece. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-10:22
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Nice looking timepiece! [nt]

 By: M4 : February 8th, 2020-09:54
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Thanks. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-10:24
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The later models of this Marine model does have a Silicon hairspring which is why they went to adjusted in 6 positions rather than 5 previously. [nt]

 By: templetowers : February 8th, 2020-10:47
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That is interesting and I was not aware of that.

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-13:36
Mine is still the old one with adjustment in 5 positions.

An outstanding watch and one that I will always keep :) [nt]

 By: templetowers : February 8th, 2020-15:12
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This is Breguet at its best!

 By: mrds : February 8th, 2020-11:25
Timeless beauty.

Thanks for your comment. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-13:36
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This Marine is so cool and nice! Enjoy, my friend, and thanks for the first class photos. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 8th, 2020-12:55
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Thanks, I try to do my best with the photos. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 8th, 2020-13:37
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Successfully. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2020-02:59
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Such a beautiful watch !

 By: rondv22 : February 8th, 2020-20:45
Beautiful and timeless !!!!

A definite keeper in my collection. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 9th, 2020-02:26
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Exceptional photography of a beautiful timepiece [nt]

 By: Uncle Chico : February 9th, 2020-01:14
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Thanks for your kind words. [nt]

 By: jlux : February 9th, 2020-02:26
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