We want to be the On-line Go-To Place

Apr 16, 2007,23:40 PM

for horology enthusiasts.

We are willing to be.
We are trying to be.

But it is not easy.
It NEEDS the support of the community to contribute opinion, ideas and cogent argument.
It needs the watch brands to realise that the message received by and opinions from real customers (on-line) are far more valuable than spending $50,000 on an advertisement that people barely read and only glance at.

Many new watchmakers or brands (and even some old ones) have been championed by our community to be discovered or even re-discovered because the community CARES.

It is much easier now for a new talent or innovation to be recognised than it was in the old days for people like Daniels, Calabrese and Andersen, who struggled alone, and then in the fledgling AHCI. Nowadays, with a single GOOD post on The PuristS community, recognition reverberates across the world in seconds.

Even this forum is a trial forum. It needs the support of everyone to stay alive, vibrant and relevant. If it does not make the grade  -  it's history!  smile

Regards, MTF

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Omega Central Tourbillon – Part 2: History of Development

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What a report, gentlemen. This is going to become. . .

 By: Jack Forster : April 15th, 2007-16:21
. . .a reference benchmark which journalists and enthusiasts alike will return to again and again. Thank you; a great read; now if only I could afford for my interest in observatory tourbillons to be something besides Platonic . Jack

Michael, Melvyn and Suitbert, thank you so much

 By: Valentin Blank : April 16th, 2007-23:13
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fantastic post

 By: SteveH : April 17th, 2007-14:16