Really like this version. Didn't even know it existed. Great collection. Cheers S

May 13, 2022,12:39 PM

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White dial Speedmasters are somehow very special: the Speedy Pro ref. ST345.0818 "Italy Limited Edition" from 1997

 By: HSTE : May 12th, 2022-18:28
500 pieces made. Cheers, HSTE This message has been edited by Dr No on 2022-05-12 18:42:44 ...  

Even scarcer: Apollo/Soyuz . . .

 By: Dr No : May 12th, 2022-18:40
. . . also originally destined for Italy. There's no shortage of Speedmaster rarities, that's for sure! PS - the pictured A/S was a Phillips auction piece from ~ six years ago. ...  

Speedmaster heaven 😎

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 12th, 2022-19:26

stunning piece

 By: Gelato Monster : May 12th, 2022-23:48

Super cool :)

 By: InHavenPro : May 12th, 2022-23:56
Thanks for the pictures! Cheers, Filip

That is by far my favorite Speedy

 By: MZHammer : May 14th, 2022-05:17
I have a slightly earlier, also Italian, LE in the Liberace. Not everyone's cup of tea but I love it! ...  

One more from the files, and my favorite production Speedy to boot . . .

 By: Dr No : May 18th, 2022-03:47
. . . regardless of dial color . . . . . . the 25th anniversary Apollo 11 chronometers cased in white gold. And to think I could've picked one up way back when for four figures, with the white gold bracelet. 😣 ...